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Our new status programme launching on 1.1.2024

The switchover of our status programme is expected to take place for you from 31.12.2023, 6 p.m. (CET) to 2.1.2024, 6 p.m. (CET). You will therefore not be able to log in to miles-and-more.com or the Miles & More app. Learn more

Hello, how can we help you?

Earn miles, and enjoy awards

Miles & More – introducing the frequent flyer and awards programme

Good reasons for using Miles & More

Earn award miles with 40 airline partners

Earn miles on a daily basis with partners worldwide

New promotions all the time so you can earn additional miles

Redeem miles for flight awards or many other attractive awards like upgrades, hotel stays and car rentals

Achieve a certain status through flying, and enjoy benefits

Book flights faster and more easily with your Miles & More profile

Get retroactive mileage credits for flights taken up to six months ago

Life is full of opportunities. Miles & More is Europe’s leading loyalty programme for people on the move and rewards you with award miles on flights, travel and in your everyday life. You can then redeem them for life’s little extras, unique experiences or your dream trip. We’ll bring you a little bit closer to your dreams.

Fly frequently, and we’ll reward you with frequent flyer status. This will give you access to special benefits that will make flying even more convenient for you.


Another convenient feature is our Miles & More app, which enables you to have your mileage account balance to hand at all times.

How to get your Miles & More dream award

The best way to earn award miles with Miles & More is to register for free and set up a profile. You can now earn award miles on flights, travel and daily purchases, as well as when using your credit card. Redeem the miles you’ve earned for awards, and make your dreams come true.

Enjoy benefits every day
Your benefits when flying and travelling
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Miles & More status

If you earn a lot of status miles on your flights, you’ll receive frequent flyer status and enjoy the associated benefits.

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man outside buying food with credit card

The Miles & More Credit Card

With our Miles & More Credit Cards, you earn award miles every time you use your card and enjoy mileage protection and other benefits.

man outside buying food with credit card
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Making a difference for the future

Miles & More is committed to climate protection and promotes social responsibility. You play an important role in this: you can offset your flights’ carbon emissions to reduce their impact on the environment, and you can donate your miles to support help alliance aid projects.

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The Lufthansa programme for children and young people offers many benefits for young explorers who enjoy flying and travelling.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Miles & More worthwhile for me?

Miles & More is especially worthwhile if you enjoy flying, travelling and giving yourself the occasional treat. You can earn miles on almost all business and holiday flights thanks to our cooperation with over 40 airlines. You can also get award miles in many areas of everyday life: for example, when shopping or booking a rental car.

What are the benefits of earning miles?

You can redeem the award miles you earn on flights, travel and your everyday purchases for award flights, travel class upgrades and exceptional products from Worldshop and our partner companies. You can even exchange them for status miles. You can use your status miles to achieve frequent flyer status, which will grant you benefits on your flights and travels.

How long are my Miles & More award miles valid?

Award miles are valid for 36 months from the date you earn them. Unused award miles expire at the end of the relevant quarter. We will inform you about mileage expiry in the following ways:


  • your account balance on our website or in our app will show you the award miles that will expire at the end of the current and the following quarter.
  • you will receive a summary of all the award miles that are due to expire at the end of the current quarter approximately two months in advance in our Miles & More newsletter. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

    For example: you took a flight from Frankfurt to New York on 12.12.2021. These miles will expire after 36 months at the end of the following quarter, i.e. on 31.12.2024.


Protect your award miles from expiring

When will I receive my Miles & More service card after registering?

To meet today’s demands for digital and environmentally friendly solutions, Miles & More no longer sends out Miles & More service cards for new registrations and replacement card orders. We recommend you use your digital service card in the Miles & More app. This allows you to use all the services related to earning and redeeming miles immediately after you register.


If you haven’t yet installed the Miles & More app on your smartphone, you can download it here:

download the Miles & More app in the App Store

download the Miles & More app from Google Play


By the way, you will receive a credit of 500 award miles the first time you log in to our app.

How long will I retain my status as a Frequent Traveller or Senator?

Frequent Traveller and Senator status are awarded for at least two years, until the end of February in the respective year. Your status is automatically renewed for an additional two years if you have reached 35,000 status miles as a Frequent Traveller or 100,000 status miles as a Senator in one of the two calendar years before your card expires.


Status management