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Miles & More - Earn miles and enjoy awards

A short guide to Miles & More - Introducing the frequent flyer and awards programme

Your benefits at a glance

Make booking your flight easier by storing your details and using your service card.

Climb to a higher status and get exclusive benefits.

Earn award miles with almost 40 airline partners.

Earn award miles every day - for example when you shop or book a hotel.

Spend your valuable award miles on flights or with many other partners.

Miles can turn your dreams into real experiences. For example, when you use them for a flight to see a loved one. There are many more ways to earn miles than you might think. On everyday purchases, when travelling, or with our 200+ partners. Earning miles is so much fun, but the best thing is redeeming them.

How to get your Miles & More dream awards

Register with Miles & More for free to set up your profile. Or log in to your existing account. You will then be able to optimise how you earn award miles, and benefit from the programme in all its diversity. You can find out about all the programme has to offer in our app and on our website. It’s so easy to earn award miles every day when travelling, flying and paying by credit card. You can redeem your accrued miles for flight or other awards to make life even more enjoyable. 

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1. Register

Register with Miles & More for free, and set up a profile.

2. Earn

Earn miles shopping, travelling and paying by credit card.

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3. Redeem

Redeem the miles you have earned for flight or other awards.

4. Enjoy

Enjoy your dream award.

This is how to turn your dreams into experiences

You get more out of life when you earn miles. Travel, encounters and unforgettable moments. Discover the many opportunities when you earn miles.

Discover the world of miles
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