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The week is full of miles for you to earn and redeem

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There are lots of opportunities for you to earn and redeem award miles, both in the air and on the ground. Be inspired by our range of options for every day of the week.

The only thing you need is your Miles & More service card. Present it when you pay in store, or enter the number when you shop or book online. You also need your service card number to redeem miles.


Before making any purchase or booking, check with our partners to see whether they have the product you want, and look out for offers with extra miles while you’re at it. This will fill up your mileage account even faster.


In addition, you’ll get closer to your big goals, step by step, or be able to redeem your miles more often for those little everyday extras in life.

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Fill up the car on the way to work, and grab a coffee to take with you to the office. Pay at the petrol station with your Miles & More Credit Card, and earn award miles on your transaction.

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You can add friends to your mileage pool with just a few clicks in your mileage account. This will help you to earn miles in no time at all, and make everyone’s wishes come true even faster.

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Go on, treat yourself. We’ve even got those headphones you’ve had your eye on for a long time in our Worldshop. Redeem your award miles to get them, and enjoy your favourite songs.

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You discover a designer lamp online and order it straight away. You pay for it with your Miles & More Credit Card because it’s a great way to earn award miles without even trying.

Two men drive in a convertible


Over the weekend, you plan to visit friends in the countryside in a convertible. Rent your dream car today, and earn award miles for your booking. Don’t forget to present your Miles & More service card when you pick up the car.

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You are planning a trip for two, but you haven't decided where to go yet. Be inspired by our mileage bargains, and redeem your award miles for flights.

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Now all you need to do is find a nice hotel for your trip for two. Hotels & Cars by Points has a huge selection to choose from around the world, so you soon find the right one and earn award miles in the process.

Tips and tricks for earning miles

With some of our online partners, you only need to register your service card number in your profile once, or you can enter and save it during the first payment process. This allows you to earn miles without having to re-enter your number every time you make a purchase or booking.

With other partners, you can log in directly with your Miles & More details and enjoy all the benefits automatically as a Miles & More member.


You earn miles with our partners in store by presenting your service card.


Download the Miles & More app. This means you always have your service card with you on your smartphone, so you won’t miss out on any offers or promotions.


Make your mileage account balance grow even faster by taking part regularly in our attractive partner promotions with extra miles.


You can also register your Miles & More Credit Card with payment services like PayPal to earn award miles on every transaction.

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Redeem your miles flexibly with Cash & Miles

With Cash & Miles, you can redeem a flexible amount of award miles for flights and other dream awards.