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Data protection at Miles & More

We are pleased to see that you are interested in Miles & More and have visited our website. Data protection, data security and the protection of your privacy are important issues for us, and we deal with these concerns through our business processes. We have compiled all our information for you concerning data security at Miles & More on this summary page.

Miles & More programme privacy policy

Our policy for the treatment of personal data by operators, joint operators and Miles & More partner companies within the framework of the Miles & More programme, particularly in relation to registration and the earning and redeeming of miles.

Data protection policy of the Miles & More website / app / communication media

Our policy for the treatment of personal data when you visit and use the Miles & More website and the Miles & More app, including policies relating to the use of cookies and the integration of social networks.

Rights of the data subject

As the data subject, you are entitled to various rights in relation to the processing of your personal data, such as the right to information on the personal data about you that is processed. You can exercise these rights by using our Contact Form.

Other data protection policies

Supplementary information on the treatment of personal data by Deutsche Lufthansa AG in relation to Lufthansa flights (e.g. the communication of passenger details) can be found here.

Supplementary information on the treatment of personal data by airline companies, joint operators or partner companies of Miles & More can be found on these airline companies’ websites. You will find an overview of these airline companies here.

General security advice on ‘phishing’

The term ‘phishing’ describes the practice of inducing individuals to reveal sensitive personal data by exploiting a faked relationship of trust.