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With Miles & More, you enjoy benefits when you fly and travel

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Your benefits

Earn miles and Points with more than 35 airline partners

Earn miles for hotel and rental car bookings with many providers

Redeem miles for flight awards or other travel awards

Book flights faster and easier

Check in with your service card or via the app

Achieve frequent flyer status with Points and enjoy benefits

With Miles & More you earn valuable miles for your flights and travel: for every flight with our airline partners, for rental car or hotel bookings, and many other activities while you’re on the move.

Make your dreams a reality by redeeming your miles for flights or other attractive awards. When you fly, you’ll earn Points, and also with frequent flyer status. You’ll then enjoy exclusive benefits which make travel even more comfortable.


With your Miles & More profile, you also save time when making your flight bookings with the pre-filled booking screen, and you benefit from easier check-in.


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How do you earn Miles and Points when you fly?

You can earn Miles and Points (Points, Qualifying Points and HON Circle Points) with more than 35 airline partners. It couldn’t be easier, just make sure to always provide your Miles & More service card number when booking your flight. Alternatively, you can present your service card when you check in.


Use our Travel Calculator to find out how many Miles and Points (Points, Qualifying Points and HON Circle Points) you can earn for each flight. You can also use our Points Calculator to quickly and easily calculate how you can achieve frequent flyer status.

It works like this


Select a flight with one of more than 35 airline partners, and from there you will be taken directly to the partner’s website.


Submit your Miles & More service card number when booking your flight, or present your service card at check-in.


The Miles and Points you earn will be automatically credited to your Miles & More account after your flight.

How do you redeem award miles for your flights?

You can redeem the miles you’ve earned in many different ways when you fly. Your options range from award flights to an upgrade to a higher travel class. Just sit back, relax, and start your holiday while you’re still on board.

It works like this


Select your flight or upgrade award on our website or in our app.


Book the flight or upgrade award and redeem your miles.


Enjoy your flight.

Discover our flight award offers
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Redeem your miles flexibly with Cash & Miles

With Cash & Miles, you can redeem your miles flexibly for flights and many other wonderful things.

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Become a mindfulflyer

In our Miles & More app, you can offset your flight-based carbon footprint simply and easily: calculate your CO2 emissions automatically, and offset them flexibly with Cash & Miles. For this you will receive digital badges and you can become a mindfulflyer. Share your digital badges on social media and motivate others to take part.

How do you earn miles when you travel?

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When you book travel or a hotel or rental car while you’re travelling, you can also earn miles at the same time. There are many large hotel chains, rental car providers and travel companies among our partners. Select the offer that’s right for you online, and submit your service card number when you book. You may have to show your service card again when you arrive.

It works like this


Select your travel partner or your desired offer on our website or in our app, and from there you will be taken directly to the partner’s website.


Enter your service card number if it has not already been requested or if you are already logged in, and book as you normally would.


The miles you earn will be automatically credited to your mileage account after your travel.

How do you redeem miles for your trip?

Whether Koffer & Co. from Worldshop, rental cars or hotels of all categories, you will find whatever you desire for your travel with our partners.

It works like this


Select your preferred award on our website, and from there you will be taken straight to the partner’s website.


Redeem your miles for your dream award.


Enjoy your dream award.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have miles or Points credited retroactively?

With Miles & More, you can make a retroactive credit request for Miles and Points within six months of the date of the activity. With many partners, you can process the credit request via the relevant online form.

Can I earn miles together with my family and friends?

If you would like to earn miles together as a family or with friends, you can create a miles pool of up to two adults (aged 18 or older) and up to five children (aged between two and 17 years).


The miles of all pool members are combined in a virtual mileage account, and all adults are equally entitled to use the mileage credit, manage the mileage pool and invite members. Children do not have access to all the pool miles; they can only access the miles they have earned independently themselves.


In addition, you always have the option of redeeming awards for your loved ones or friends from your personal credit.

How long are my Miles & More miles valid for?

Your miles are valid for 36 months from the date of the activity. Unused miles expire at the end of the relevant quarter. We will inform you about mileage expiry in the following ways:


  • your account balance on our website or in our app will show you the miles that will expire at the end of the current and the following quarter.
  • you will receive a summary of all the miles that are due to expire at the end of the current quarter approximately two months in advance in our Miles & More newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

    Here is an example: on 12.12.2022 you took a flight from Frankfurt to New York. These miles will expire after 36 months at the end of the following quarter, i.e. on 31.12.2025.


Protect your miles from expiry

How can I book a flight award?

The quickest way to get your flight award ticket is by booking online via the Miles & More website. This is where you’ll find flight connections with almost all of our airline partners, and you can book them right away.


In addition, your Miles & More Service Team is of course happy to help you make a reservation. To book over the phone, please have your Miles & More PIN available for identification purposes.


Tip: if you would like more information about our wide range of flight award offers, just take a look at “Benefits when you fly and travel.”