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All you need to know about your Miles & More account number, service card number, personal identification number (PIN) and your user ID and password

As soon as you have successfully registered with Miles & More, we set up your account under a 9-digit account number. This account number does not change throughout your membership and all the service card numbers that you receive over time are stored under it. You can find your account number in your mileage account on our website.

You can use all the services relating to our frequent flyer programme using your valid service card number and the personal identification number (PIN) connected with it. Both numbers also serve as your log-in for your personal online area. If you should forget your PIN, you can request it again quite simply at

forgotten PIN. You can change your PIN here. 

However, if you have forgotten your card number, please contact your Miles & More Service Team.

In addition to your card number and PIN, you have the option of setting up a user ID and a password to use as your log-in. You can request a new password . If you have forgotten your user ID, please use your service card number and PIN to access your mileage account online. You will then find your user ID in your profile.