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General terms of use for MilesPay

MilesPay is an offer from Miles & More GmbH (“MMG”) for Miles & More programme members (“Members”) who are also holders of a Mastercard Credit Card (“Credit Card”) eligible for MilesPay. Unless otherwise specified, the following terms and conditions apply to the use of MilesPay. In addition, the general terms and conditions of the Miles & More programme apply.

1. What is MilesPay?

MilesPay enables Miles & More Members to redeem award miles (“Miles”) when paying by Credit Card. Following a one-time registration of their Credit Card and activation of MilesPay in the Miles & More app, a previously set maximum number of Miles can be redeemed against their next Credit Card purchase. The use of MilesPay is free of charge for Members.

To redeem Miles for Credit Card payments, MMG works with the credit card company Mastercard. As part of the MilesPay registration process, the Credit Card is stored in a Mastercard system.

2. Eligibility

Members who are holders of a Credit Card eligible for MilesPay are entitled to use MilesPay. An overview of currently eligible Credit Cards can be found in the FAQ. MMG reserves the right to change the scope of eligible Credit Cards at any time.

3. Redeeming Miles when paying by Credit Card

MilesPay can be used worldwide at all Mastercard acceptance points to redeem Miles for purchases both online and in-store. Excluded from MilesPay are selected merchants and services, in particular cash machines, money transfer services or gambling institutions. A complete overview can be found in the FAQ.

3.1 Credit card registration

The use of MilesPay requires a one-time registration of a Credit Card in the Mastercard system during the MilesPay registration process. Only one Credit Card can be registered per Member at a time.

A registered Credit Card can be replaced at any time with another eligible Credit Card or deleted completely from MilesPay under MilesPay settings. Once a Credit Card has been deleted, the exact same card can only be re-registered after 24 hours have elapsed following successful deletion.

3.2 Setting the mileage redemption amount and activating MilesPay

Before each activation of MilesPay for the next Credit Card payment, a mileage redemption amount must be set. The mileage redemption amount is the maximum amount of Miles to be redeemed against the next Credit Card purchase amount. It can be defined in fixed amounts, preset amounts or individually via manual entry and shows the corresponding equivalent in euros next to the mileage amount. The minimum mileage redemption amount communicated by MMG in the MilesPay app applies.


The maximum amount of Miles that can be redeemed for a Credit Card payment is limited to the amount of Miles available to the respective Member in their Miles & More mileage account. Members of a Miles & More Mileage Pool may also redeem the Miles available from pooling in accordance with the terms and conditions of Miles & More Mileage Pooling. Overdraft facilities granted to status Members cannot be used for MilesPay. 


Once a mileage redemption amount has been set, MilesPay can be activated for the next Credit Card payment.


When MilesPay is activated for the next Credit Card payment, a timer displays the remaining time in which the Credit Card payment must take place in order to redeem the set mileage amount. The timer - and the activation - can be cancelled at any time. After cancellation or after the activation has expired, no Miles will be redeemed for the next Credit Card payment.

3.3 Paying by Credit Card for MilesPay mileage redemptions

To redeem the set mileage redemption amount, the Credit Card registered for MilesPay must be used to pay for the desired purchase. Payment can be made using a physical card or a digital wallet.

3.3.1 Paying by physical Credit Card

To ensure Miles are redeemed when paying by physical Credit Card in-store or on a mobile card reader, the Credit Card must either be inserted (chip and PIN) or swiped along the magnetic strip (swipe and PIN), depending on the retailer terminal.

Payments in online stores can be made as usual by entering the Credit Card number during the online checkout process. 

3.3.2 Paying by digital wallet

Payments - including contactless payments – can be made as usual by digital wallet (e.g. Apple Pay, Google Pay).

3.3.3 Settling payments on your Credit Card and in your mileage account

Credit Card payments made in connection with MilesPay will always initially be charged to your Credit Card for the full purchase amount in euros. The equivalent amount of successfully redeemed Miles will usually be credited back to your Credit Card within two to three working days. The redeemed mileage amount will not increase your existing Credit Card limit.


If you set the mileage redemption amount higher than necessary for the next Credit Card payment, only the required amount of Miles will be redeemed and the full purchase amount will be credited back to your Credit Card account.


If you set the mileage redemption amount lower than necessary for the next Credit Card payment, only the selected mileage amount will be redeemed and only the purchase amount partially paid with Miles will be credited back to your Credit Card account.


If the purchase amount in euros is less than the currently valid minimum mileage redemption amount displayed in the MilesPay app, no Miles will be redeemed and the purchase amount in euros will continue to be charged in full to your Credit Card.


For Credit Card payments in foreign currency, the required Miles to be redeemed will always be calculated based on the purchase amount in euros on your Credit Card.

4. Returns and mileage refunds

You can return your purchases within the scope of your statutory right to return goods and receive the corresponding refund in euros back from the merchant. A refund or retroactive credit of Miles already redeemed is not possible.

5. Data protection

Status: 1 July 2021