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Can my miles and Points be credited retroactively?

With Miles & More, you can have miles and Points credited retroactively up to 6 months after the date of activity. Many partners offer the option of submitting a credit request via the relevant online form. Alternatively, read on to find out more about how to apply.

Get miles and Points credited retroactively for flights

Miles and Points that are not automatically credited to your account can be credited to you retroactively within 6 months. Please retain your receipts (e.g. boarding pass or ticket) until the miles and Points have been credited to your account. Please check your account again before requesting a retroactive credit. Please note that miles and Points may not be credited automatically for some of our airline partners until 7 days after departure. You should therefore wait until this period has elapsed before registering your trip online, as miles and Points can only be credited automatically after the flight is completed. In addition to the date, all you need to enter is the flight number, the route, the travel class and your ticket number. This information will be checked automatically, and a retroactive credit will be given where applicable. Please enter all of the relevant information, otherwise it will not be recorded in your account. It is especially important that you enter the correct ticket number. Our app makes crediting miles and Points retroactively even easier.

Can I have flights credited if I no longer have a boarding pass?

For flights with Lufthansa and some airline partners, you can request a retroactive credit online. In this case, you are not required to submit any documents. For all other airlines, you will need the original boarding pass as well as a copy of the ticket.

Can I use the app to have miles and Points credited for someone else?

The app will only let you request a retroactive credit for miles and Points for the person who is logged in. The ticket to be credited must be issued to the person logged in.

Has my retroactive credit request for miles and Points been accepted?

Once our airline partner has checked your request, your credit will be detailed on your account statement. If your request is accepted, you’ll usually receive the credit within a few days. If your request is declined, you’ll be told why the credit request was not accepted.

Crediting miles and Points retroactively by photo credit in our app

With selected partners, you can get your miles and Points credited retroactively by photo credit. You can find this service in the “More” section of our app under “Credit miles and Points”. You’ll also find a current overview of all partners offering this service.