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You receive these privileges with Frequent Traveller status

Frequent Traveller status is your ascent into the world of frequent flyer privileges. As a Frequent Traveller, you will enjoy at least two full years of benefits that will make travelling more enjoyable for you. You will benefit not only with the Lufthansa Group and Miles & More airline partners but also with Star Alliance.

How to become a Frequent Traveller

To achieve your status, you need a minimum of 35,000 status miles or 30 flight segments in one calendar year.


You can view your current progress in status managementufuwbcquasdwyyctawdw.

The most important privileges for Frequent Travellers

Frequent Traveller status card and bag tag

When you are designated as a Frequent Traveller, you receive a silver status card, which is valid for a minimum of two years, as well as a high-quality bag tag in the status colour.

Business Class check-in

Regardless of the travel class you have booked, when travelling on scheduled flights operated by Miles & More airline partners you can use the Business Class check-in counter.

Please note the check-in deadlines for your chosen travel class.
It will be even quicker for you at airports which have a priority check-in area (currently Frankfurt/Main and Munich).

Access to the Business Lounge

Relax before your flight, for example in Austrian Business Lounges, Brussels Airlines Lounges, the exclusive Lufthansa Business Lounges and the SWISS Business Class Lounges.


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Higher free baggage allowance

With frequent flyer status, many airlines will allow you to fly with more baggage. For more details about baggage regulations, please see the information of the relevant airline.

Unlimited validity of award miles

As long as you remain a status member, your award miles do not expire - so that you can save them up for major destinations.

Additional benefits for Frequent Travellers

Additional miles on every flight booking

With some airline partners, you will receive 25% more status and HON Circle miles, as well as up to 50% more award miles, with the Executive Bonus.

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Higher waiting list priority

The third highest waiting list priority on all flights operated by Star Alliance. This does not apply for upgrades and award flights.

Star Alliance Silver status

Also enjoy status privileges on all flights operated by Star Alliance airlines.

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Status Stars

The longer you have frequent flyer status, the more stars you receive. As a Status Stars member, you receive exclusive offers to top events including VIP experience packages.

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Service hotline

We have set up a hotline in many countries especially for frequent travellers. We are available to you for all your queries, award bookings, criticisms and suggestions.

Help & Contact

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