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Here you’ll find interesting stories, interviews, tips and insights on our programme, earning miles every day, and mileage redemption. Be inspired by all that Miles & More has to offer.

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Earning miles is fun; redeeming them is better. Let us give you some tips and inspiration about how you can make your life even more enjoyable and extraordinary with Miles & More.

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The Miles & More Update Q1 - tips and insights for mileage and points professionals

Bastian Neumann-Semerow reveals the most important news from the Miles & More world in the new Miles & More Update. He summarises the most important news of the quarter briefly and concisely and provides you with first-hand information. To get the new year off to the best possible start, we provide you the latest news and tips on earning and redeeming miles. You will also find the most important information about the status programme "in a nutshell". What is the difference between points and miles? What about the status duration? You will learn this and much more in the new episode. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Send us an e-mail or leave a comment on YouTube. You can also discover more videos from the Miles & More world there.

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