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Use Miles & More during your daily life, as well as on your travels

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On this page, we show you a few tips & tricks about earning and spending miles. Because there are so many ways to grow the balance of your award mileage account fast and to spend it again efficiently – and that’s outside the airline world, too.

Your benefits

Earn award miles locally with our attractive partners. While travelling, e.g. car rental, hotels and some airports, or in all areas of everyday life, when shopping locally or online.

Make the most of the Miles & More credit card offer and earn extra award miles automatically with every payment. With some credit card offers, you enjoy extra expiry protection for your miles or other benefits.

Convert points easily from other bonus programmes into award miles.

Make your award mile balance grow even faster by taking part regularly in our attractive multiple mile promotions.

Use our diverse partner world to redeem your award miles for attractive merchandise and flight awards – with some partners you can do this from as little as 3,000.

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So use Miles & More every day

Earn locally with your service card

There are many ways to benefit from Miles & More locally.


It works like this


  • Earn miles with our partners locally by presenting your Miles & More service card at the checkout. At many of these partners, you will be reminded as you shop about Miles & More by the  mileage symbol, so that earning or spending award miles couldn’t be easier.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and benefit from offers customised to where you live.
  • Use the Miles & More app to find out where you can benefit with local partners.

Please enter your service card number when placing orders online

With some of our online partners, you can save your service card number in your profile or enter it during the payment process in order to earn miles with every purchase or booking.


It works like this


  • Take a look in your online profile on the partner’s website to find out whether it is possible to file your service card number.
  • When shopping online, look out for the option to enter your service card number.
  • Your service card number can be found on your Miles & More service card, on your Miles & More credit card and on the digital service card in the Miles & More app.

Log in with your Miles & More data

With some partners, you can log in directly with your Miles & More data and, as a Miles & More member, enjoy all the benefits automatically.


It works like this


  • When logging in, enter your service card number and PIN or your User ID and your password.
  • You benefit from pre-filled forms, your saved customer data and the chance to conveniently earn and spend award miles.

Using a different bonus programme

Miles & More works with several large bonus programmes. Make the most of this by regularly converting the points you have collected into miles. Often, a one-off activation is all you need to automatically convert the points collected in the other programme into miles. This is the way to reach your next award, e. g. an award flight, even faster.


It works like this


  • Register in our partner’s bonus programme.
  • You can state in the profile of the partner programme how many points you would like to convert into award miles.
  • With some partners, you can also regularly convert the miles with just one click.
  • You can find an overview of cooperating bonus programmes in the "conversion offers"section.

Increase your mileage balance with interesting offers

Make your mileage balance grow even faster by taking part regularly in our attractive partner promotions.


To receive regular updates about current promotions, take a look straight away under ‘Personalised offers and communications’ to check that you are receiving our notifications.

Use valuable credit card benefits

Earn award miles on a daily basis every time you pay with your Miles & More credit card and enjoy extra benefits.

Strong brands for every day and every trip

You can find information about how many miles you can earn or spend, and precisely how it all works on the website of the relevant partner.