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Our miles and Points at a glance

You can earn miles while flying, travelling, reading the newspaper, shopping, using your credit card, and in many other ways. You can then redeem these miles for flights, or to treat yourself to something special.


On flights with Miles & More airline partners, you can also earn Points. You can use these to achieve frequent flyer status and enjoy all the associated travel benefits.

All you need to know about miles

You can earn miles on flights, car rentals, hotel stays, shopping and much more with our many partners plus over 35 airlines. You can redeem these miles for flight awards and a wide range of excellent products and experiences. We often abbreviate miles with the mileage symbol -M-.

What are our miles?

Miles are a bonus for flying with Miles & More airline partners. You can also earn them on other everyday activities, like car rentals, hotel stays or shopping. To benefit, simply quote your service card number when booking, checking in or paying for goods with our partners. Your miles will then be credited to your Miles & More account.

Make your dreams come true with miles

You can redeem the miles you’ve earned from as little as 3,000. Don’t have enough miles for your award? No problem. Use the miles you do have, and pay the rest in cash to make your dream come true. With our mixed payment method Cash & Miles, you can redeem miles in part for flights from an increasing number of airline partners or purchases from Worldshop.

Exchange miles for Points

To achieve or extend the frequent flyer status levels Frequent Traveller or Senator, you need Points and Qualifying Points. With a Miles & More Credit Card, which includes mileage exchange, you can convert the miles you’ve earned into Points and Qualifying Points.1 As a Frequent Traveller, you also have the option of exchanging miles as part of your Extra Benefits.

How long are miles valid?

Miles are valid for 36 months and expire at the end of the quarter. So, for example, any miles earned on 1.2.2022 would expire on 31.3.2025. Mileage expiry does not apply to Frequent Travellers, Senators or HON Circle Members, as long as they retain their status. Unlimited mileage validity is also available to holders of a Miles & More Credit Card, depending on the country and type of card.

All you need to know about Points

You can earn Points, Qualifying Points and HON Circle Points on flights with Miles & More airline partners. These are key to achieving or extending your frequent flyer status, which will make travelling while on land or in the air even more comfortable.

What’s the difference between Points, Qualifying Points and HON Circle Points?

To achieve Frequent Traveller or Senator status, you’ll need both Points and Qualifying Points. To achieve HON Circle status, you’ll need HON Circle Points.

On which airlines can you earn Points?

You can earn Points in all travel classes on flights operated by Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Discover Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa and SWISS, as well as with the co-issuing Miles & More airline partners Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Luxair and all other Star Alliance airlines.


You can earn Qualifying Points and HON Circle Points on all flights operated by the following airlines: Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Discover Airlines, Air Dolomiti, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines and Luxair.


HON Circle Points will only be awarded on flights in Business and First Class.

Achieve frequent flyer status with Points

You become a Frequent Traveller when you earn 650 Points and 325 Qualifying Points in a calendar year. To achieve Senator status, you need 2,000 Points and 1,000 Qualifying Points. To achieve HON Circle status, you need to earn 6,000 HON Circle Points in a calendar year. Each status is valid for at least one calendar year, starting from the date status is achieved until the end of February the year after next.

Become a frequent flyer

Earn Points, Qualifying Points and HON Circle Points on your flights, achieve frequent flyer status, and enjoy even more comfort on your travels.


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Mileage exchange is available via the Miles & More Credit Card in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the USA, Spain and Mexico.