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Donate miles – give the gift of a future

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Give to a good cause and donate your Miles & More miles to our cooperation partners help alliance or myclimate, which both campaign for a better future for the world and the people living in it.

What lies especially close to help alliance’s heart is to give young people access to education in order to empower them to lead self-determined lives. As well as this main area of focus, help alliance also promotes the areas of nutrition, health and hygiene and advocates for those people who lack the basic necessities. You can either make a free donation with your miles, which means your donation is not tied to a specific purpose, but help alliance allocates it to the project where it is needed most urgently. Or, you can make a donation by focus area and support a specific cause which lies especially close to your heart.

A donation to myclimate benefits high quality climate protection projects. By making a donation, you can support one of myclimate’s certified climate protection projects with miles, and thus contribute to the worldwide reduction in CO2 emissions.

Redeem your miles now and use them to promote future-oriented projects worldwide.



Support myclimate or help alliance with a free donation, or donate to a specific cause