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Good reasons why you should choose the Miles & More credit card

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Your benefits

  • Award miles for every purchase

  • Protection against mileage expiry

  • Welcome Bonus of up to 10,000 miles

  • Additional benefits depending on the card

With the Miles & More credit card, you earn award miles automatically all over the world every time you use your card. This is the way for you to reach your desired award faster and more effectively.


Miles & More credit cards are available in over 20 countries. Depending on the country and the card, you enjoy exclusive benefits, which make your Miles & More world even more valuable and diverse. Mileage expiry protection, valuable welcome bonus and exclusive offers? Discover the benefits that await you in your country. 


Protect your award miles from expiry


The Miles & More credit card helps you protect your award miles from expiry and so you save towards your next awards target without the stress. Find out now about the specific options you have to get unlimited validity for your award miles with the Miles & More credit card.



Earn award miles on every transaction


No matter whether you’re shopping at the airport or enjoying your daily espresso in your favourite café: as a Miles & More credit card holder you earn miles with every purchase - not just when you’re travelling but also every day. This means your mileage account will grow all by itself. And you can redeem these award miles very easily for flights, hotels, rental cars, upgrades or products at over 300 partners.

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