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Advantages for frequent flyers – achieve a status, and get valuable benefits

As a Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member, you travel faster and in greater comfort. You benefit from numerous advantages that will make your trip even more enjoyable on the ground and in the air. You also earn more miles on flights than members without frequent flyer status and therefore reach your dream award faster.

Status benefits at a glance

Priority check-in

Lounge access

Increased free baggage allowance

Unlimited mileage validity

Executive Bonus: more miles for every flight

Higher waiting list priority

Status card and baggage tags

Status benefits on all Star Alliance flights

Exclusive service hotline

Two passengers talking at the airport – advantages for frequent flyers: status benefits at a glance
Learn more about Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON Circle status

All status levels in comparison

Compare all the benefits and privileges that come with each frequent flyer status: Frequent Traveller, Senator and HON Circle Member.


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Enjoy special benefits and other advantages

Prelaunch Warmup

Lifetime status

We reward long-term loyalty with Frequent Traveller or Senator Lifetime status – you’ll enjoy the associated benefits for life.

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Prelaunch Warmup

Extra Benefits

You automatically enjoy additional benefits once you achieve a certain number of Qualifying Points or HON Circle Points.

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Status Events

As a status customer with more than 10,000 Qualifying Points, you benefit from exclusive invitations to premium experiences, known as Status Events.

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Your path to frequent flyer status

To achieve frequent flyer status, you’ll need a certain number of Points as well as Qualifying Points or HON Circle Points per calendar year.

  Frequent Traveller Senator HON Circle
Points 650 2,000 -
Qualifying Points 325 1,000 -
HON Circle Points     6,000

You become a Frequent Traveller when you earn 650 Points and 325 Qualifying Points in a calendar year. To achieve Senator status, you need 2,000 Points and 1,000 Qualifying Points. You achieve HON Circle status with 6,000 HON Circle Points in a calendar year.

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