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Benefits for frequent flyers - achieve a status and obtain valuable privileges

As a Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member, you travel faster and more comfortably. You have numerous benefits available that will make your trip even more enjoyable on the ground and in the air. In addition, you earn more miles with every booking than a member without frequent flyer status.

Status privileges at a glance

  • Status card and baggage tag

  • Priority check-in

  • Access to the lounge

  • Higher free baggage allowance

  • Unlimited award mileage validity

  • Executive Bonus: more miles for every booking

  • Higher waiting list priority

  • Status privileges on all Star Alliance flights

  • Exclusive service hotline

Can we help you? You will find further information about status level topics, here - including duration, renewal and privileges.

How long do I retain my status as a Frequent Traveller or Senator?

The Frequent Traveller and the Senator status are awarded for at least two years, each time until the end of February. If you have reached 35,000 status miles as a Frequent Traveller or 100,000 status miles as a Senator in one of the two calendar years before the expiry of your card, your status is extended for an additional two years automatically.


Status Management


Can I transfer miles from one frequent flyer programme to another?

It is not possible to transfer your mileage credit to another frequent flyer programme retrospectively. The credit for your flights is always made to the mileage account quoted by you or your travel agency in the flight booking. Flights can also only be taken into account in one programme.

If you miss a mileage credit, you can apply for it at any time online.

What are status-relevant flights and how many flight segments do I need for a status with Miles & More?

As part of our Silver Promotion “Become a Frequent Traveller with 30 flights”, we offer you the opportunity of qualifying for Frequent Traveller Status with 30 flight segments, providing these flights are operated by Lufthansa, Eurowings, Adria Airways, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Luxair or SWISS. You will find a counter showing your progress in your Miles & More account under “Status-relevant flights”.

You cannot achieve Senator or HON Circle status with a certain number of flight segments. Both status levels are only awarded if you have earned the required number of status or HON Circle miles.

How long do I retain my status as a HON Circle Member?

HON Circle status is awarded for at least two years, each time until the end of February. If you earn 600,000 HON Circle miles as a HON Circle member in the two calendar years before your status expires, your status will be extended by an additional two years.


Status management