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Mileage Pooling - Terms and Conditions

Mileage Pooling is an offer made by Miles & More GmbH (“MMG”) to members of the Miles & More programme (“members”). Unless stipulated otherwise, the following terms and conditions for the use of Mileage Pooling apply. In addition to the following terms and conditions, the Miles & More terms and conditions apply.

Eligibility for Participation

Within the terms of Mileage Pooling, miles can be earned and redeemed jointly within a defined group (“Mileage Pool”). A Mileage Pool may comprise a maximum of two adults (at least 18 years of age) and up to five children/young persons (at least two years old – no older than 17) (“Pool Members”). The minimum number of Pool Members for a Mileage Pool is two, with one of the members having reached legal age (18 years old). Each Pool Member may participate in one Mileage Pool only. Any attempt made by a Pool Member to register for more than one Mileage Pool may lead to that member’s exclusion from any further participation in Mileage Pooling.
Mileage Pooling is an offer available in selected countries only (currently Germany, Austria and Switzerland). MMG reserves the right to check the address, country and age of applicants. Any breach of these rules for admission to Mileage Pooling may lead to exclusion from participation in Mileage Pooling.

Creating a Mileage Pool

Mileage Pooling is offered by MMG exclusively online.

A Mileage Pool can only be opened by a Miles & More member of legal age. The Mileage Pool is opened in the logged-in area of the online account. After accepting these terms and conditions, the Mileage Pool founder can invite one other adult and up to five children/young persons to join his/her Mileage Pool. The invitation is made by entering the Miles & More service card number belonging to the member to be invited. The invitor may only use this service card number with the permission of the invitee. The invitee member will be informed of the invitation via an entry in his/her inbox and/or by e-mail. The Mileage Pool is only created and ready for use once the invitation has been accepted. Children/young persons may only be invited to join a Mileage Pool by their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) or their legal representative(s).

An invitation that has been made but not yet accepted by the member invited can be withdrawn at any time in the logged-in area by the Pool Member who made the invitation.
Acceptance or non-acceptance of an invitation to the Mileage Pool can only be made in the logged-in area of the respective Pool Member account. In order to accept an invitation, the invitee must accept the terms and conditions for the use of Mileage Pooling. As soon as a member has accepted the invitation to Mileage Pooling, the minimum number for a Mileage Pool has been reached and the Mileage Pool is open. By entering a Mileage Pool, the member is consenting to the miles that he or she has earned him or herself being available for redemption in the Mileage Pool. The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) or legal representative(s) of an underage Pool Member has/have the responsibility of ensuring that they have the right of use of the respective account and of the underage member’s award miles that are in it, and that they use these award miles only to benefit the account holder.

Administration of the Mileage Pool and Redeeming of Miles

The adult members in a Mileage Pool shall be deemed administrators of the Mileage Pool and administer the Mileage Pool on equal terms. Thus, the second adult to join the Mileage Pool may likewise make further invitations until the maximum Mileage Pool size has been reached.

From the moment of opening a Mileage Pool, the award miles of all members of that Mileage Pool will be added together and displayed to the administrators of the Mileage Pool as a total in all mileage balance displays (e.g. online account, WorldShop, partner websites) – instead of the individual award miles. Award miles not earned with partners of the Miles & More programme (e.g. those earned for newsletter registrations) can only be incorporated into the Mileage Pool if the Pool Member has also earned award miles with a Miles & More programme partner. The administrator(s) can fully dispose of the total of all the Pool Members’ award miles using all channels for the redemption of awards. Children/young persons have no access to the Pool miles, but continue to have access only to independently earned miles – in accordance with programme rules.

When award miles are used to redeem an award, the award miles due to expire first will be those deducted first. In the case of mileage protection, the award miles earned first will be the ones deducted.
Pool Members’ individual mileage balances will continue to be displayed in their respective account statements. Furthermore, the display of award redemption requests will be expanded in the online mileage account: if Pool Members’ award miles are drawn upon, the number of these member award miles will be displayed. Pool Members who have award miles debited during an award redemption request also receive a corresponding entry in their online mileage account.

Changes to a Mileage Pool

A member may leave a Mileage Pool at any time. In order to do so, the appropriate function is available in the online account of said member. The member de-registering from a Mileage Pool will keep the miles that he/she has earned and that have not yet been redeemed and/or expired in his/her individual member account. After leaving a Mileage Pool, members are excluded from founding a new Mileage Pool or from joining another Mileage Pool for a period of six months. Furthermore, the place in the Mileage Pool that the member has left is also blocked for six months.

When a Pool Member reaches his/her 18th birthday, he/she will be automatically removed from the Mileage Pool. There is no blocking period in this case, however, with the result that this member may found a Mileage Pool of his/her own or join another Mileage Pool or the previous Mileage Pool – provided that a place for an adult Pool Member is available.