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Everything you need to know about your login details

Find all the important information about your Miles & More mileage account here.  


Service card number


This is a 15-digit number you get from Miles & More when you register. It starts with 9999 for members who opt out of advertising, 9920 for members without frequent flyer status, 9922 for Frequent Travellers, 222 for Senators and 333 for HON Circle Members.


Where can I find it?

Your service card number can be found in your registration confirmation email

You can also find it: 


• In your account on the Miles & More website

• In the app under “Card”

• On your Miles & More Credit Card (if you have one)

• In your Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS accounts 



Your service card number is used with a PIN (personal identification number). In your registration confirmation email, you were asked to set a PIN


What do I use it for?

You use your service card number to identify yourself here:

• With Miles & More, the Miles & More partner airlines and the airport lounges

• In Worldshop

• With our partners online or in store 

• Over the phone 


If you lose it 

Contact us in writing using the contact form. Upload a copy of an official document such as an ID card, passport or birth certificate with the reference “Lost service card number”. Please note that it may take a few weeks to process your request. A member of staff at our Service Centre will personally check your details to rule out any fraud.  


Good to know

If your frequent flyer status changes, your service card number will change, but your PIN will stay the same.


Travel ID


Your Travel ID is the email address you entered if you registered after March 2022. You can use this to log in to Miles & More and all Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS digital channels. 


If you registered with Miles & More before March 2022, you were given the option to add Travel ID to your account retroactively


Not using Travel ID yet? Activate it now with just a few clicks.


Where can I find it?

Your Travel ID is your email address. You can find it in your account. You choose your email address and the password you use to log in yourself. 



When you created your Travel ID, you set a password for it yourself. 


What do I use it for?

Travel ID is the easy way to access your Miles & More account and your Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa and SWISS accounts. If you update your profile details in one account, the changes will be automatically implemented across all accounts. 


If you lose it

If you can’t remember which email address you entered, you can log in to your Miles & More account using your service card number instead. You can then check your saved Travel ID, which you can change at any time.


User ID


If you registered before March 2022, you created your user ID yourself. Since the introduction of Travel ID, there is no longer the option of creating a user ID. If you already have a user ID, you can continue to use it. 


Where can I find it?

You can find your user ID in your Miles & More account. 



When you created your user ID, you set a password for it. If you receive a message saying that your password has expired when you enter it, this means your current password no longer meets our security requirements. In this case, please reset your password.  


What do I use it for?

You can use your user ID and password to log in to Miles & More and Worldshop. 


If you lose it

Since the switch to Travel ID, you can no longer change your user ID. You can reset your password when you log in. 


Good to know

If you register as a new Miles & More member now, there is no longer the option to log in using a user ID and password.