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All you need to know about two-factor authentication via app

Protect your Miles & More account against unauthorised access with two-factor authentication via app

What is two-factor authentication via app?

Two-factor authentication is a security process that protects your Miles & More account against unauthorised access. It comprises a two-step security mechanism.


In the first step, you enter your personal login details to log in to Miles & More. The second step requires additional confirmation via an authentication app on a previously saved device, such as your mobile phone. For this, you need to log in to your authentication app and generate a time-based code to enter when you log in to Miles & More.


This process increases data security and protects your account against unauthorised access.

What are the advantages of two-factor authentication via app?

The two-step login process provides additional protection against unauthorised access for your account and therefore your miles and Points. Even if criminals were to obtain your login details, they could not log in to your account without the code from your saved device.

Do I have to use two-factor authentication?

If you want to make changes to your personal details in your profile, you must use two-factor authentication. We recommend setting up this additional security level in advance for maximum account protection.


If you opt for two-factor authentication via app, you’ll need your authentication app to log in to miles-and-more.com, the Miles & More app and the Lufthansa Group websites and apps with your Travel ID.

How do I set up two-factor authentication via app?

  • Step 1: Log in to your Miles & More account.
  • Step 2: In your account, go to “Profile” and click on “Personal information”.
  • Step 3: In the “Secure account with the new two-factor authentication” blue box, click on “Set up now”.
  • Step 4: Download an authentication app. We recommend downloading a free authentication app such as Microsoft Authenticator (available in the App Store for iOS) or Google Authenticator (available in the Google Play Store for Android).
  • Step 5: a) If you’re using a computer for authentication, scan the QR code shown from your Miles & More account with your authentication app.
  • b) If you’re using your mobile phone, copy the alphanumeric code from Miles & More and enter it in your authentication app.
  • Step 6: Once you’ve completed the set-up, your two-factor authentication via app is ready to use and your account has additional protection.

How does two-factor authentication via app work?

Once you’ve entered your login details for your Miles & More account or the Lufthansa Group websites and apps, you’ll be asked to enter a six-digit code. Open your authentication app to see the code. Enter this code in the input field when you log in.


I’ve entered the code, but it’s not working. What can I do?

Open your authentication app again, and enter the code shown in the authentication app in the third step of the login process. The code is time-based and expires after a certain time. If the code doesn’t work even after entering it several times, please check if you’re also using the authentication app for another system and if you’ve selected the code for Miles & More or your Travel ID account.


For security reasons, the number of entry attempts is restricted. If you enter an incorrect code too many times, you won’t be able to enter another code for 30 minutes. It will not be possible to log in during this time. Try again once this period has expired.

No code is displayed in the authentication app. What can I do?

Try closing the authentication app and opening it again. If that doesn’t work, please contact your authentication app’s customer service. Here you’ll find further information and assistance for Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator.

My mobile phone has been lost or stolen. What can I do?

You can contact the Service Centre to reset two-factor authentication via app. If this is the case, please call our Service Centre.

Will two-factor authentication cost me anything?

No. If you use a free authentication app, two-factor authentication won’t cost you anything. We recommend the Microsoft Authenticator app or Google Authenticator.

What is protected by two-factor authentication via app?

If you opt for two-factor authentication via app, your miles, Points and the data in your Miles & More account have additional protection.

How does two-factor authentication via app differ from two-factor authentication via text message?

Two-factor authentication can be set up via app or text message. With authentication via text message, the confirmation code is sent to your saved mobile phone number, whereas when you use an authentication app, the codes are generated directly on your device.


The main difference is the scope of protection. While text message authentication mainly prevents unauthorised access to your profile data, app authentication offers more comprehensive protection for your whole account - including your profile data, miles and Points - by generally preventing anyone from logging in to your account. However, please note that unless a trusted browser/app is saved, app authentication will be requested every time you log in.


If you’ve already registered for authentication via app or text message, you cannot switch between the two.

All you need to know about trusted browsers and apps

How can I save a trusted browser or app?

Once you’ve set up two-factor authentication, the next time you log in you’ll be asked whether the browser or app you’re using is trusted. If you confirm this, the browser or app you’re using to log in will be saved as trusted. You can save up to five browsers/apps as trusted at any one time. Please note that the use of cookies must be activated in your browser.

How does a trusted browser/app work in connection with two-factor authentication?

If you’ve saved a browser/app as trusted, you’ll no longer need the authentication app the next time you log in with this browser/app. This gives you easier access while guaranteeing security. When you log in with a new browser or app for the first time, you’ll always need your authentication app to log in.

How can I then remove a trusted browser or app?

  • Log in to your Miles & More account, and click on “Profile”.
  • If you’re using the Miles & More app, first click on “More” at the bottom right and then on the profile icon at the top right.
  • Click on the pencil under “Security”.
  • Now you’ll see a list of your trusted browsers and apps.
  • This is where you’ll find the option to remove individual browsers and apps.

My trusted browser/app isn’t recognised. Why?

Check if the use of cookies is activated in your browser. If not, please activate this. If you’ve deleted the cookies in your browser since setting it up, save your browser again as trusted. If you’ve uninstalled your app since setting it up, please reinstall the app. Your browser/app should then be recognised again.