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Status Events – for long-standing frequent flyers

Attend a top-class event – Status Stars: an award for long-standing frequent flyers

As a Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member, once you’ve earned 10,000 Qualifying Points over the years and achieved Lifetime status, you’ll receive offers for top events including VIP experience packages in the most exciting cities.

These offers are put together specifically for long-standing status customers and can only be booked as Status Events.


For example, travel to the Vienna Opera Ball or Paris Fashion Week, or experience behind the scenes tours at Airbus in Hamburg and Toulouse.


Take a look in Status Management to see whether there’s an event offer currently available for you.


Your benefits

Frequent flyers with access to Status Events regularly have the chance to redeem miles for exclusive VIP events.

The offers are available to status customers with over 10,000 Qualifying Points.

As a general rule: the quicker you act the better, as the offers are always limited and quickly booked up

Your Status Stars have pride of place on your status card and bag tag.

Status Events offers

You’ll receive offers for the events once you’ve earned more than 10,000 Qualifying Points over the years.

You earn Qualifying Points on your flights with Lufthansa Group airlines or co-issuing Miles & More airline partners.


Qualifying Points not only count towards your annual qualification as a Frequent Traveller or Senator, you also earn them cumulatively over the years to achieve Frequent Traveller or Senator Lifetime status.