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Mileage Pooling – getting there quicker together

A spur-of-the-moment short break, a jaunt in your dream car, a new barbecue – the best thing about award miles has to be the many experiences, both large and small, that you exchange them for. And now in the Miles & More app, you’ll find the new mileage pooling function, so that you can enjoy these beautiful experiences even more quickly. Here, two adults and up to five children can collect their award miles in a joint mileage pool – and fulfil their wildest dreams in no time at all.

Your benefits

  • Every member over the age of 18 can open their own pool – simply and in only a few steps in the Miles & More App.

  • Invite the people you want to pool miles with.

  • All the members’ award miles will now be collected in your pool. Whilst minors can carry on redeeming their own miles themselves, only the two adults can redeem pooled miles.

  • A clever detail: The system manages your miles automatically according to the possible expiry date. Protected miles are only redeemed if the unprotected ones are insufficient for the desired reward.

This is how Mileage Pooling works

  1.  Download the Miles & More app

  2.  Use the "Mileage Pooling" function

Still have questions? The most important facts about pooling:

Who can set up a pool?

All members over the age of 18.

How many people are allowed in the pool?

Up to two adults and no more than five children.

Must it include children?

No, two adults without children can also pool their miles.


Are there also pools with children only?

No, adults must be part of the pool.

How are the miles managed?

The miles in the pool may only be redeemed by the two adults. 

Can I maintain several pools at the same time?

No, each Miles& More member may only participate in one pool at a time. If you leave it, you are excluded from Mileage Pooling for six months.


Does the pooling function exist outside the app?

This is in the planning stage – we will let you know as soon as it’s ready.

Where can I get more information about pooling?

You will find detailed information in the FAQs section of the pooling function.