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Mileage Pooling – getting there quicker together

Smiling couple on the high street – Mileage Pooling: getting there quicker together

A spur-of-the-moment short break, a jaunt in your dream car, a new barbecue – the best thing about award miles has to be the many experiences, both large and small, that you exchange them for. So that you can enjoy these beautiful experiences even more quickly there is now the new Mileage Pooling function. Here, two adults and up to five children can collect their award miles in a joint mileage pool – and fulfil their wildest dreams in no time at all.

Your benefits

Every member over the age of 18 can open their own pool easily and in just a few steps.

Invite the people you want to pool miles with.

All the members’ award miles will now be collected in your pool. Whilst minors can carry on redeeming their own miles themselves, only the two adults can redeem pooled miles.

Smart detail: the system manages your miles automatically according to the possible expiry date. Protected miles are only redeemed if the unprotected ones are insufficient for the desired reward.

This is how Mileage Pooling works


Select the Mileage function in your account or download the Miles & More app


 Use the "Mileage Pooling" function


Earn together – experience more

The offer is currently available to members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

General questions

What exactly does the Mileage Pooling feature contain?

As part of Mileage Pooling, members of the Miles & More programme can earn and redeem miles together as part of a group called a mileage pool. A mileage pool can consist of a maximum of two adults and up to five children/adolescents. The offer is currently available for members from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Who is allowed to participate in Mileage Pooling?

Miles & More members resident in Germany, Austria and Switzerland can participate in Mileage Pooling. If the offer is extended to other markets, we will inform our members in due time.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of mileage pool members?

The minimum number for a mileage pool is two members, with one of the members having reached legal age (18 years old). A mileage pool can consist of a maximum of two adults and five children/adolescents. The children/adolescents must be at least two years of age and not older than 17 years.


Can I be a member of several mileage pools at the same time?

No, every Miles & More member may only participate in one mileage pool.

Do the two adult members of the mileage pool have to be married or are there no restrictions?

There are no restrictions. Any adult Miles & More member can join forces with another adult member for Mileage Pooling. This means, for example, that friends can earn miles together.

Creating a mileage pool

Who can set up a mileage pool?

Any adult Miles & More member resident in Germany, Austria or Switzerland may open a mileage pool. Underage Miles & More members cannot set up a mileage pool, but they may be invited to join a mileage pool by their legal guardian or legal representative.

How can I open a mileage pool?

The “Mileage Pooling” function has been set up in your account and in the Miles & More app. An invitation can be made by entering the service card number of the member to be invited under “Invite members”. A maximum of one additional adult and up to five children/adolescents can be invited. If the invited party accepts the invitation, then the pool is considered founded.

How do I know that I have been invited to a mileage pool?

Members who have been invited to a mileage pool will receive an e-mail if they have an e-mail address saved in their profile. In addition, an entry is made in your inbox. The entry in the inbox is delayed.

Can I cancel my invitation?

Yes, but only as long as the invitation has not been accepted by the invited member. As long as no acceptance has been received, the invitation can be withdrawn at any time. The “Recall invitation” field is available for this purpose in your account and the app in the “Mileage Pooling” section.

Can I reject an invitation?

Yes. A rejection is made via the “Reject” field in the invitation.

Earn and redeem in the mileage pool

Where can I see the amount of pooled award miles and the amount of my individual award miles?

From the moment a mileage pool is opened and if all prerequisites are met, the award miles of all members of the mileage pool will be added. From then on, adult members of the pool will be shown the total of the award miles pooled in all mileage balance notifications instead of the individual award miles, for example on www.miles-and-more.com

, when they access the Lufthansa WorldShop online or on partner websites such as www.lufthansa.com.

You can also view your individual mileage balance in your mileage account, in addition to the pooled mileage balance. Underage pool members continue to see only the individual mileage balance.

After the introduction of Mileage Pooling, it is possible in individual cases that not all communication media, such as the Miles & More newsletter or the Lufthansa Group newsletter, will display the pooled award miles balance and they may continue to display the individual balance instead.

How is the pooled award miles balance calculated and what are the conditions?

The pooled mileage balance is calculated as the sum of the award miles of the individual pool members. For award miles to be included in the pooled award mileage balance, at least one award mile must be earned via a transaction with a Miles & More partner, such as by booking a flight, by using your credit card or by making a purchase from a programme partner. Award Miles that have not been earned from a partner (such as by registering for the Miles & More newsletter) can only be included in the pooled award mileage balance once this condition has been met.

Can I decide myself how many of my award miles will be included in the pooled award mile balance?

No, that is not possible. As of the date of opening a mileage pool, the award miles of all members will be added and included in the pool mileage account balance.

Can I decide how many award miles will be used by which pool member for an award redemption request?

No, that is not possible. Miles & More will select the most favourable alternative for members; in other words, the system manages the miles automatically according to the possible expiry date. The award miles closest to expiry are redeemed first across all accounts. In the case of mileage protection, the award miles that were earned first will be the ones redeemed. In addition, protected miles will not be redeemed unless the unprotected ones are insufficient for the desired reward. An individual selection of the miles to be redeemed is not possible.

Where do I see if award miles from my account were used in an award request?

The pool members of the group whose miles were used for the award will receive a notification to this effect in their online mileage account.

Who can redeem the pooled award miles?

The two adult members of the mileage pool can redeem the pooled miles. They can access the miles on equal terms. Minors cannot access the pooled miles, but they can still use their individual award miles for an award request.

Are the miles protected from mileage expiry? Will Mileage Pooling affect the validity of my miles?

No, participating in Mileage Pooling does not affect the validity of miles. However, the award miles belonging to holders of a Miles & More credit card, Frequent Travellers, Senators and HON Circle Members are exempted from mileage expiry.

Leaving a mileage pool

When and how can I leave my mileage pool and what do I need to consider?

The members of a mileage pool can leave at any time. An appropriate feature is available for this purpose in the member’s online account. After leaving a mileage pool, the member as well as the space in the pool are suspended from Mileage Pooling for six months.

Why was I removed from my mileage pool when I turned 18?

At legal age, members gain new rights in relation to Mileage Pooling. For this reason, they are automatically removed from the previous pool. However, unlike leaving, the member is not subject to a suspension period and can immediately join an existing mileage pool – either the previous one or a different one – or they can found a mileage pool of their own.

What happens if a member leaves the group? Are miles deleted directly from the virtual account? How much time does the process take?

Once a member leaves a pool, their miles are deleted directly from the pool and become unavailable to the other pool members. A new member cannot join the group until six months have passed.