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With an eVoucher, you travel one class higher

Passenger looking at his tablet on an aircraft – With an eVoucher you travel one class higher

An eVoucher is an electronic voucher for an upgrade to a higher travel class.

For example, if you book a standard ticket for a flight in Economy Class within Europe, you could travel in Business Class by redeeming an eVoucher. eVouchers are valid for 24 months. Please note that upgrades from certain booking classes of Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class are not possible.

As soon as you achieve Senator or HON Circle Member status, you receive two or six eVouchers respectively. You will also receive this number of eVouchers when you renew your status.1 In addition, you can choose eVouchers in the context of the Select benefits scheme.

When an eVoucher is available for you, you will be notified in the Miles & More Newsletter and the eVoucher will be displayed in your mileage account.

Your benefits

With an eVoucher, you can fly one class higher on an international flight within an award region (e.g. within Europe or Central Asia).

On a long-haul flight,2 you need one to two eVouchers for an upgrade to a higher class depending on the destination - for example, from Economy into Premium Economy Class or from Premium Economy Class into Business Class.

eVouchers are valid for 24 months.

eVouchers can be used for third parties even when the account holder is not travelling.

This is how to redeem your eVoucher

There are a variety of different ways to redeem eVouchers:


Once used, eVouchers are automatically deducted from your mileage account. We add your upgrade electronically to your flight booking in our booking system. You do not require any additional flight documents for this.



Please note that the relevant number of eVouchers is only credited to your account after your new Senator or HON Circle Member card has been issued. They cannot be awarded before this - for example, because you have already met all the conditions for retaining your status.


Long-haul applies to flight tickets between two different award regions, for example a trip from Europe to North America.