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All you need to know about two-factor authentication (2FA)

What is two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication is a secure authentication method (strong customer authentication), which you use to log in to your account (login) using two factors. These two factors are usually knowledge and possession, i.e. something you know, such as your login data (User ID/password), and something you have, such as a mobile device that can receive text messages for successfully verifying your identity.


Why is Miles & More introducing 2FA?

The security and integrity of your Miles & More account and your profile details are of great importance to us. With 2FA, we can prevent third parties from accessing your account (e.g. by obtaining your password). 


What are the benefits of 2FA for me as a member?

2FA allows you to safely save your details and miles in your Miles & More account and access them at any time, as they are optimally protected.


Do I have to use two-factor authentication (2FA) for my Miles & More account

Yes, every Miles & More member must verify themselves during selected online transactions using two-factor authentication. During the launch phase, existing processes will continue to be available for a certain period of time. 


How do I register for two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Every member must register only once for 2FA. This can be done easily online at miles-and-more.com when logging in to the Miles & More programme or in your profile. Simply have the mobile device that you want to use for 2FA at the ready, and enter the corresponding mobile phone number. You will now receive your initial verification code by text (six-digit numerical code) from Miles & More. As soon as you have received, entered and confirmed it, click on the “Activate” button to complete the activation.


When do I have to use two-factor authentication (2FA)?

You have to use 2FA if you want to change your profile details or redeem miles for an award, such as a flight booking. Logging in with your User ID and password or service card number and PIN also entitles you to view current offers and to check your mileage account balance or profile details.


What do I need for two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Each time you use 2FA, we will send you a verification code by text (six-digit numerical code). The code will be sent to the mobile device that you have already registered. This requires that the device can receive text messages.


How does two-factor authentication (2FA) work with Miles & More?

As soon as 2FA is required, we send a verification code by text to the mobile phone number we have on file for you. Please enter this in the relevant input field, and click on “Next”. If the code is correct, you can proceed, as desired.


I have entered the code without success. What can I do?

For security reasons, the number of entry attempts is restricted. Please try again after 30 minutes or contact your Miles & More Team.


I have not received the verification code. What can I do?

It can happen that you simply don’t receive the text message. You can always request a new code on the same page where you have just entered the code. If you still don’t receive a text message after several attempts, please check the following points:


  • Does the device you are currently using have the same mobile phone number as the one you gave Miles & More for two-factor authentication? You can check this in your profile on miles-and-more.com  or in the Miles & More app.
  • Is your mobile device connected to a mobile network or Wi-Fi?
  • Check in the device’s settings whether the receiving of text messages is disabled or other options, such as “Do not disturb” mode, are on.
  • If necessary, restart your mobile device to be able to receive text messages again


I cannot receive text messages at the moment. What can I do?

Please try again later as soon as you can receive text messages again. If you are unable to receive text messages for a longer period of time, please call your Miles & More Team.


I wish to receive the verification code via a different mobile phone number. What should I do?

Please change the mobile phone number that you specified for two-factor authentication (2FA) in your profile details. As this mobile phone number is assigned to particularly sensitive personal data, the change must also be verified using 2FA. Please be aware that you will need your previous mobile phone number for this, as the verification code will be sent to this number. If you no longer have access to your previous mobile phone number, please call your Miles & More Team.
Once this has been changed, all verification codes will be sent exclusively to the mobile phone number you have just filed with us.


I generally have no possibility of receiving a code by text message. What can I do?

Our top priority is to ensure the security of your data and miles online and when using online services. It is not possible to change your profile details or redeem miles online without two-factor authentication and a verification code. In this case, please call your Miles & More Team.


I have lost my mobile device/My mobile device has been stolen/I no longer have my mobile phone number for two-factor authentication (2FA). What should I do to protect my data/miles?

In this case, please call your Miles & More Team. They will take the details of your new mobile phone number, and you can re-register afterwards.


I don’t have a mobile phone. Can I still apply for an award/change my details?

Please call your Miles & More Team.


Will this cost me anything?

No, two-factor authentication (2FA) and the sending of the verification code by text are free. However, your mobile phone contract may include charges for receiving text messages or roaming charges.



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