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Loyalty is rewarded: Lifetime status

Prelaunch Warmup

To show our appreciation for their long-term loyalty, we are rewarding our members with Frequent Traveller Lifetime and Senator Lifetime status. This means that you can now enjoy never-ending benefits that make travel more pleasant and comfortable.


How to achieve Lifetime status

Earn 30,000 Qualifying Points over the years, and you’ll automatically achieve Frequent Traveller Lifetime status. If you keep earning and accrue 40,000 Qualifying Points, you’ll achieve Senator Lifetime status.


Achieving Frequent Traveller Lifetime or Senator Lifetime status via Status Stars points

The basis for achieving Lifetime status is the sum total of all Qualifying Points that you earn over the years on flights with Lufthansa Group airlines and co-issuing Miles & More airline partners.


Naturally, your existing status membership will be taken into account. All the Status Stars points that you have earned by 31.12.2023 will be converted into Qualifying Points for achieving Frequent Traveller Lifetime or Senator Lifetime status.


One Status Stars point is equivalent to two Qualifying Points. All status customers with four or five Status Stars will therefore automatically become a Senator Lifetime at the beginning of 2024. Those who have achieved three Status Stars by the end of 2023 will be awarded Frequent Traveller Lifetime status. Your new status card will be sent to you automatically by the end of February.


From mid January 2024, you will be able to see how many Qualifying Points you have earned to achieve Lifetime status, including the equivalent in Status Stars points, under your Miles & More status.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I see how many Qualifying Points I have already earned to qualify as a Frequent Traveller Lifetime/Senator Lifetime?

The Qualifying Points earned towards achieving Frequent Traveller Lifetime or Senator Lifetime status can be found under your status on the Miles & More app or at miles-and-more.com from mid January.

What benefits do I get with Lifetime status?

You’ll get all the benefits of Frequent Traveller or Senator status.

Is Lifetime status really awarded for an entire lifetime?

Yes, there’s no time limit on Frequent Traveller Lifetime and Senator Lifetime status. The expiry date on your card relates solely to the card itself and not to your Lifetime status. All cards have a fixed term and are regularly exchanged. You’ll be sent a new card well before your current card expires.

As a Frequent Traveller Lifetime or Senator Lifetime, can I still achieve a higher status, for example Senator or HON Circle?

You can always go up a status, for example from Senator Lifetime to HON Circle Member or from Frequent Traveller Lifetime to Senator.

Are status customers who achieve Frequent Traveller Lifetime/Senator Lifetime required to hold a status in order to meet the criteria?

No, qualification as a Frequent Traveller Lifetime or Senator Lifetime occurs when the required number of Qualifying Points is achieved, regardless of the current status.

I already have Senator Lifetime status, so will anything about my status change after the switchover on 1.1.2024?

No, Senator Lifetime will continue to be valid for an entire lifetime under the new status programme. However, there will be a technical switchover. We’ll send you a new card with a new service card number by the end of February 2024. Miles & More Credit Card holders should be aware that when we send the new card, your credit card number will also change. Your current card will remain valid until you receive your new card. The great news is: you’ll also receive 4 upgrade vouchers (eVouchers) with the switchover.

Will there still be Status Stars?

Since Status Stars and Status Stars points will no longer exist, these will no longer be visible on your status card or the online channels. You will still have access to exclusive Status events, and long-term membership will be rewarded with Frequent Traveller Lifetime and Senator Lifetime status.

Will the card still featuring Status Stars no longer be valid from January 2024?

No, cards featuring Status Stars will remain valid.

Will I get a new bag tag without Status Stars on it?

No, bag tags will not automatically be exchanged. You can continue to use bag tags featuring Status Stars.