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Upgrade for SWISS intercontinental flights at a fixed price

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Do you want to enjoy the amenities of SWISS Business on your next long-haul flight?

SWISS offers several options to upgrade your flight. In addition to "Bid Upgrade", travelling in a higher class of service for a fixed price on European flights has been available for some time now. Starting now, you can purchase your upgrade as early as 360 days before departure or treat yourself to one as late as 24h prior to take-off. The advantages of SWISS Business start as soon as you set foot in the airport: Look forward to priority check-in and baggage handling and bypass the ques at security. Naturally, you are invited to visit our SWISS Business Lounge, where you can enjoy your stay to the fullest before boarding your flight as one of the first. Aloft, you’ll be met with genuine Swiss hospitality and sophisticated culinary delicacies, making for an unforgettable travel experience.

Simply add your upgrade at the time of booking your flight on swiss.com or add it afterwards at any time by logging into the “Booking manager". Alternatively, our Service Center at +41 848 700 700 will gladly assist you.

This offer is not available for flight guests whose journey originates in India.