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When do I have to show my Miles & More card?

You must show your Miles & More card for different purposes at certain places:


  • Earning miles: In order to earn miles, please enter your card number during the flight booking or the order process with a Miles & More partner. When shopping in Miles & More partner stores, please show your Miles & More card at the time of payment.
  • Spending miles: If you wish to spend miles, you must always identify yourself using your Miles & More card number and your secret PIN number.
  • Status privileges: So that you can also use our lounges, you should carry your status card with you at all times, as you may have to show it at the entrance to the lounge. Staff at the security checks may also wish to inspect your card to confirm that you can legitimately use the Fast Lane.

    Tip: You have your digital service card in the Miles & More app with you at all times – even when travelling. This makes your trips even more relaxed, and you can also earn or spend miles on the spur of the moment.


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