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Why are flights always offset on a quarterly basis in the Miles & More app?

It is best to offset flights shortly after the flight date. If left too long, further flights would be added and eventually accumulate into a larger sum that would become due in order to offset all your flights.


That is why we encourage you to check your flight-based CO2 footprint at regular intervals. By dividing this up into equal periods - we chose quarterly intervals - you can keep an eye on your target at all times.


All your flights during this period can be offset with just a small cash contribution in euros or by using a comparatively small number of award miles.


For every quarter in which you offset 100% of your flights, you receive a digital badge as an acknowledgement.


By the way, flights that you have offset with compensaid.com before the flight date will also be displayed as offset thanks to their automatic recognition by the Miles & More app. However, this only applies if the flight details have been entered correctly and if the flight has not been rebooked or cancelled.