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Miles & More in the time of Corona - What you need to know

Updated on 13.4.2021

The coronavirus crisis has affected the aviation and travel industries to an unprecedented degree. Some travel-related services continue to be possible only to a limited extent.

As Europe’s leading frequent flyer and awards programme, Miles & More intends to play a responsible and supportive role with regard to its members in these extraordinary times. To that end, we have put together some practical and relevant information about the programme to clarify which services, added values and partners can be used in the normal way.

In this context, we would like to thank our members for the confidence they have shown in us. We will do our utmost to continue to adapt our services and offers to the current circumstances.

Miles & More customer service

You can find the latest information about rebookings and cancellations on our page Coronavirus - Current information about Miles & More customer service.

Goodwill measures and postponement of the new frequent flyer programme

Does the current situation mean that you are limited in the number of status miles you can earn and are you worried about maintaining your frequent flyer status?

We are aware that your options for earning status miles are currently limited. That’s why we are keen to offer you a gesture of our goodwill. We will extend your status by one year to February 2022, if you do not renew your status in 2019 or 2020. If you renew your status by the end of 2020, you will naturally get your usual renewal until February 2023. All eVouchers with expiry dates in 2020 and 2021 will be extended or re-credited and can be used until 31.12.2021.

The goodwill measures in detail

Earn additional status miles in 2021

What is happening to the new status programme announced for the beginning of 2022?

We promised to provide you with the simplest and most transparent frequent flyer programme. We regret as much as you do that we are unable to keep this promise on the date originally announced. However, our aim of offering you a simple and transparent frequent flyer programme remains.


Unfortunately, the dynamic nature of the current situation compels us to review the position and as a result we cannot launch the new frequent flyer programme as planned. What this means for you is that the current terms and conditions of the programme  will continue to apply.


It was also announced that complex components of the programme, such as M&M Selections, will be abolished. Is this still the intention?


No, all the components of the current frequent flyer programme, such as Miles & More Selections, Status Stars, the Senator Premium Award and JetFriends, will remain in place.

Offers for earning and redeeming miles at home

Is it currently impossible for you to earn award miles for flying or with our partners when travelling?

We offer countless options for you to earn and redeem miles in your everyday life and from home.


Right now, the opportunities to earn and redeem miles with the around 40 airline partners, including the 28 airlines of the Star Alliance, and many partners in the hotel and mobility sectors are still somewhat more limited than usual. The timetables of Lufthansa Group Airlines have been adapted to current circumstances and  demand.

As a Miles & More member, you can also continue to benefit from attractive earning and spending opportunities in many other areas of daily life, such as with our partners in the shopping, finance, entertainment and conversion sectors. We will continue to inform you of relevant offers on miles-and-more.com and in the Miles & More app, or by newsletter and direct mail.

Below you can find information and a selection of offers from our Miles & More partners, which you can use with ease from the comfort of your home:

Miles & More Credit Card

The Miles & More Credit Card can still be used without restrictions to pay for goods and services and earn miles. As well as the regular benefits of a quick and convenient cash-free transaction, the Miles & More Credit Card currently offers a sensible alternative to cash. In addition, most credit cards protect your miles from expiring and offers unlimited mileage validity. You can find more information about mileage protection here.

Exchange points for miles

With the bonus and loyalty programmes of our partners, Miles & More members can also top up their mileage accounts and then exchange the points earned for award miles. You can find all the available offers at Conversion offers.

More useful tips about your award miles

Would you like to reach your dream award faster, despite the limited opportunities to earn award miles through travel?

With Mileage Pooling we offer you the chance to pool your miles with those of other members.

The Mileage Pooling function, in which two adults and up to five children can pool and earn their award miles in a virtual account, can still be used without restrictions. This way you can reach your dream award faster together, especially in a time without the full capacity to earn award miles through travel - whether you do this from the Lufthansa WorldShop, via Miles & More Online Shopping or from over 270 premium partners in the non-air sector. You can set up your mileage pool quickly and easily on our website.

Do you want to ensure that your current award miles will not expire, but you have no wish to spend them just at the moment?

Simply extend your mileage protection or transfer miles to another member.

Extend Miles from Loylogic makes it easy for you to extend the validity of your award miles for at least 36 months. To take advantage of this, simply log on to milesandmore.loylogic.com, enter your Miles & More service card number, select the amount of miles you wish to protect and pay with ease by credit card.

With Transfer Miles from Loylogic, award miles can also be transferred to other members for a transaction fee. You can transfer a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 50,000 award miles per calendar year, and these are then valid for 36 months. This offer can also be found independently on milesandmore.loylogic.com.

Mileage bargains

Do you want to book a mileage bargain?

Despite severe restrictions upon flight offers, we continue to offer mileage bargains, albeit to a limited extent until further notice. You will find all the current offers as usual at www.meilenschnaeppchen.de.