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With SWISS Traditions around St. Gallen

As part of our SWISS Traditions series, we would like to invite you to join us on a discovery journey of St. Gallen. And as the Airline of Switzerland, we would like to bring our home closer to you with an exclusive offer, even after your flight.

map of St. Gallen

Together with St. Gallen -Bodensee Tourism, we are able to offer you the opportunity to explore St. Gallen authentically with lots of different offers. Join us for an exploratory stroll across Eastern Switzerland and discover its highlights. Look forward to an uplifting ride up the Säntis, and step back in time to the baroque period on a visit to the Abbey Library of St. Gallen.

Let the items on the menu inspire you with the loveliest sights of St. Gallen , and discover the region’s highlights together with exciting 2-for-1 offers. Go to st.gallen-bodensee.ch/swiss to benefit when you visit the following sights: Säntis, Appenzeller Bahnen, restaurant Gaststuben zum Schlössli, Abbey Library of St. Gallen, Hotel Säntispark, guided tour of St. Gallen old town, and Maestrani’s Chocolarium. SWISS also enjoys close associations with renowned partners in the region such as Sirocco, who provide the first-class teas on SWISS flights, the chocolate manufacturer Kägi and IGNIV at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, holder of one Michelin star (SWISS Taste of Switzer land).