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New SWISS Alpine Lounge open at Zurich airport

SWISS opened a SWISS Alpine Lounge at Zurich Airport’s Terminal A. It blends the charm of an alpine cabin with the outstanding comfort of our SWISS Lounges.

SWISS Alpine Lounge at Zurich Airport’s Terminal A

A spiral staircase leads you to the entry of the former SWISS First Lounge. As you ascend the flight of stairs, the digital art installation whisks you away to a serene alpine world, making you forget about the hustle and bustle of the airport. The new SWISS First Lounge was designed with the changing needs of our guests in mind. A first glance reveals SWISS’s intention to embark in another direction with this lounge, which extends 500 square metres in size and offers prime views of the tarmac. The lounge can accommodate around 100 guests and is marked by wooden floors, handcrafted furniture that’s made to measure by Swiss artisanal manufacturers, and a novel food and beverages concept. The lounge is perfect for travellers who want to lean back for a little bit before their next flight and enjoy a bite to eat during their stay. The SWISS Alpine Lounge’s centre piece takes the shape of an oven, in which we’ll prepare seasonal delicacies for you. Look forward to a delicious breakfast egg or classic Swiss Alplermagronen. Naturally, you all dishes can be adapted to your preferences by adding one or several toppings. The beverage selection includes wines and spirits from Switzerland. The wine flows through an innovative device that not only affects the tasting quality positively, but also surpasses conventional systems in terms of recycling. But what would Switzerland be without water? Exactly. That’s why the SWISS Alpine Lounge is home to a fountain, where you can refill your own bottles. The new lounge boasts plenty of novelties while retaining its inmistakeable SWISS design. But it’s probably best if you see for yourself. We look forward to seeing you.