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Redeem miles for lottery tickets - and do good: Miles & More launches partnership with Onestly

Miles & More is expanding its offer with a charity lottery. With every lottery ticket, you can not only win dream prizes, but also support charitable projects.

Frankfurt am Main, 4 December 2023 – The loyalty programme of the Lufthansa Group is expanding its partnership with the state-licensed charity lottery Onestly. The digital platform reaches people who are not addressed by traditional lottery offers through targeted competitions, a higher chance of winning and charitable commitment. With the redemption from already 1,500 award miles, Miles & More members now have the chance to choose lottery tickets in the categories cars, travel and experiences and win dream prizes. At the same time, they support charitable projects. To celebrate the launch of the partnership, Miles & More members will receive a ten percent discount on lottery tickets from Onestly until 29 February 2024.


Buy lottery tickets and secure the chance to win dream prizes: this is how it works

For as little as 1,500 miles, members have the chance to win prizes ranging from special long-distance trips to luxury watches. Various partners offer unique top prizes, such as TUI Cruises in the travel category. To buy the tickets, members simply log in to Onestly with their personal Miles & More account, view the individual dream prizes and buy the tickets with miles. 

In the future, it is planned to offer top prizes in cooperation with Miles & More and Lufthansa, to make it possible to fly to special destinations with just a few miles or a single ticket.

Support of more than 47,000 social projects, both large and small, possible

Every Onestly ticket supports a social project of the members's choice. This includes help alliance, the charitable aid organisation of the Lufthansa Group. By processing donations via Germany's largest donation platform, betterplace.org, the lottery with an ESG-compliant focus ensures transparency and responsibility. Small social projects in particular are often invisible and receive hardly any donations. Onestly creates an important platform and ensures that donations are efficiently distributed across six key categories. 


"We are delighted to have gained a strong partner in the charity lottery Onestly, that gives our members the chance to fulfil their dreams and do something good at the same time", says Katrin Jüttner, Head of Partner Sales & Ambient at Miles & More GmbH. "In this way, we are gradually expanding our portfolio in the social sector, combining social commitment with the positive effect of the chance to win - even with a small number of miles".

"Just like Miles & More, Onestly pursues a sustainable business strategy", say the founders of Onestly. "The partnership therefore opens up new opportunities for both sides to initiate further positive developments for the environment and society in this area - naturally with the help of Miles & More members, who can use their miles for charitable projects and win great prizes at the same time".


Further information at https://www.miles-and-more.com/de/en/spend/onestly/partner/milesandmore/onestly/spend/promotional-offer/2312_Launchpromo_onestly_946.html and https://onestly.de

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With just 1,500 miles per lottery ticket, Miles & More members have the opportunity to win breathtaking prizes and at the same time support social projects on betterplace.org. © Onestly

About Onestly

Onestly is at the forefront of a new era of charity lotteries with innovative and heart-warming dream prizes. It's all about extraordinary experiences, from idyllic trips to the Maldives to exclusive encounters with international stars. These unique prizes provide unforgettable moments, not only for the winners, but also for many social projects. With Onestly, dreams come true, and with significantly higher chances of winning than with conventional lotteries.


Onestly is revolutionizing the way we think about social engagement. With every ticket purchase, participants are given the unique opportunity to decide for themselves which charitable projects they would like to support. This personal choice increases awareness and connection to the initiatives supported. Each Onestly entry thus becomes an individual and meaningful gesture of support. By directly influencing the distribution of their donations, participants experience a new dimension of giving - one that both touches the heart and does tangible good.


Onestly is not only a pioneer in innovation, but also a symbol of security and trust in the German lottery market. With a license from the Joint Gaming Authority of the German federal states and adherence to the strictest quality standards, Onestly stands for transparency and fairness. The draws are independently monitored by a notary, which promises participants a fair and secure gaming experience. As a non-profit organization, Onestly also pursues a sustainable and ethically responsible corporate strategy that redefines the future of social engagement.


Onestly Press Office

E-Mail: presse@onestly.de



Über Miles & More

Miles & More is the loyalty programme of the Lufthansa Group. 30 years of experience and cooperation with around 200 partner companies worldwide make Miles & More GmbH, the Frankfurt am Main-based operator of the programme, an expert in successful customer targeting and retention. Particularly in the core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the programme's partners benefit from access to a discerning target group. The company was launched in Germany in 1993 with seven programme partners and has been an independent company as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG since September 2014. The managing directors are Gerad Schlögl and Johann-Philipp Bruns. The company has developed into a strong brand in a wide range of areas - from award business and programme operations, to status management, to sales & retail and financial services.


The linchpin: earning and redeeming award miles. Since the programme was launched, members have earned a total of more than 1.9 trillion award miles in a wide variety of areas of life - from flying to finance to shopping. With the flight award as the most coveted award, the Worldshop and more than 150 non-aviation partners, Miles & More is strongly positioned along the entire travel chain.


Privileges for frequent flyers add value to the loyalty programme. The status rewards loyalty to the Lufthansa Group, co-issuing airline partners and Star Alliance airlines with points. As part of an exclusive community, the travel experience becomes even more pleasant with special status privileges.


Miles & More GmbH also operates eight Worldshop stores with more than 870 square metres of retail space at Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin-Brandenburg, Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Vienna airports. The online shop worldshop.eu entices customers with more than 5,800 attractive rewards in the categories of luggage, electronics, living, accessories, sports & wellness, children, wine and Lufthansa & Aviation. With selected products from more than 400 premium brands, there is something for everyone. The Miles & More credit card also enables members to earn award miles easily in their everyday lives.


Find out more at miles-and-more.company and www.miles-and-more.com/presse.


Miles & More Press Office

Tel.: +49 69 719168-159

E-Mail: presse@miles-and-more.com