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Three million miles for Togo: Miles & More launches Mileage Charity Run

For the 30th birthday of Europe's leading loyalty program for people on the move, running enthusiasts can support a project of help alliance

Photo taken in Calabar, Nigeria

Frankfurt am Main, July 05, 2023 - With the slogan "Celebrating you", members will be celebrated regularly for their loyalty in Miles & More’s birthday year with campaigns and competitions. By "Celebrating your run”, Miles & More is launching a fundraising campaign for help alliance, the charitable aid organization of Lufthansa Group employees. In doing so, the company is relying on the collective support of Miles & More members who are running enthusiasts. The goal: to donate three million award miles for the completion of a training centre in Togo in West Africa. The race starts on June 30th - miles can be earned until August 31st.


How it works


Whether you're jogging with friends, taking part in a marathon or company run, or going for a long walk - every step counts. Miles & More donates 30 award miles for every kilometre completed. All members have do is submit proof of the distance covered, for example as a screenshot from their running app or the confirmation of their participation in a run, which can be uploaded with a specification of the distance via the campaign website.


Final effort in the completion of the Togo training centre


The joint project between Miles & More and help alliance was launched at the beginning of 2021 and aims to give around 100 young people the possibility for an apprenticeship each year. By 2030, a total of around 600 trainees are to be offered such an apprenticeship. Since the start of the project, Miles & More has repeatedly called on its members to support the project by donating miles. Since then, 80 percent of the construction work has already been completed.


With the help of Miles & More members, the project is now entering the final stages. The mile donations will be used to build a road to the training centre and to lay paths within the centre. In addition, innovative food processing machines, such as a grain mill, are to be purchased to enable young people to soon receive practice-oriented training. 


"For over 15 years, we have been supporting help alliance projects together with our members," says Gerald Schlögl, Managing Director at Miles & More GmbH. "With the Mileage Charity Run, we would like to make another significant contribution so that we can complete our joint heartfelt project at the end of 2023. In doing so, we are especially celebrating our members who have made such a big difference to the training centre in Togo over the last few years with their mileage donations and who are now not only doing good for their physical condition while running, but also for the project in Togo."


"Education is the cornerstone of any society," says Andrea Pernkopf, executive director of help alliance. "For many children, however, this is not something they can take for granted. That's why promoting education is a major focus area at help alliance, which we are working on together with Miles & More. By Miles & More members donating their award miles, we can make a big difference in the world, because the value of the miles converted into euros benefits the projects one-to-one."


help alliance: education projects worldwide


Since 1999, the non-profit aid organization founded by Lufthansa employees has been working on a variety of projects worldwide, focusing primarily on promoting education and training opportunities for young people living in poverty. In the process, each project is supervised by employees on a voluntary basis. Last year alone, more than 50 social projects were supported, helping 40,000 people.



About Miles & More 

Miles & More is Europe's leading loyalty programme for people on the move. 30 years of experience and cooperation with around 200 partner companies worldwide make Miles & More GmbH, operator of the programme based in Frankfurt am Main, an expert in successful customer targeting and retention. Particularly in the core markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the programme's partners benefit from access to a demanding target group. The company was launched in Germany in 1993 with seven programme partners and has been an independent company since September 2014 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. The managing directors are Gerad Schlögl and Johann-Philipp Bruns. The company has developed into a strong brand in a variety of areas – whether in rewards business and programme operations, status management, or offers and services in sales & retail and finance. 


The linchpin: earning and redeeming award miles. Since the programme was launched, members have earned a total of more than 1.9 trillion award miles in a wide variety of areas of life – from flying to finance to shopping. With the flight award as the emotional centerpiece and unique selling point of the programme, the Worldshop and more than 150 non-aviation partners, Miles & More is strongly positioned along the entire travel chain. Miles & More GmbH also operates eight Worldshop stores with more than 800 square meters of retail space at Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin-Brandenburg, Hamburg and Düsseldorf airports. The online store worldshop.eu entices customers with more than 4,000 attractive rewards in the categories of luggage, electronics, living, accessories, sports & wellness, children, wine and Lufthansa & Aviation. With selected products from more than 400 premium brands, there is something for everyone. The Miles & More credit card also enables members to earn award miles easily in their everyday lives.



Find out more at www.miles-and-more.com and www.miles-and-more.com/presse



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About help alliance

The help alliance is the central pillar of the Lufthansa Group's social commitment. As an internationally operating company and part of the German and international community, the Lufthansa Group assumes responsibility for current social challenges beyond its actual business activities through help alliance. The non-profit limited liability company supports numerous projects around the world that provide young people in particular with access to education and enable them to lead self-determined lives. In addition to its focus on education, help alliance promotes entrepreneurship. In recent years, around 150 projects have been supported. All project content is based on the strict standards of the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child and in particular on the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) "Quality Education" (SDG 4) and "Decent Work and Economic Growth" (SDG 8). The projects are funded solely by donations. 


For more information and donation opportunities, please visit www.helpalliance.org


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