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How does CO2 compensation work?

Fly with Sustainable Aviation Fuel


Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the first viable alternative to fossil based jet fuel. It is the key to sustainable air travel as it can be used to power planes today without significant changes to existing infrastructure.


Compared to fossil fuels it reduces carbon emissions up to 80% percent. We calculate your fuel consumption with transparent calculations for all of your flights and bring the respective amount of SAF into airline operations.


Lean more about SAF here: https://compensaid.com/projects/saf


With the help of our partner myclimate and local communities, we plant trees in Nicaragua.


The reforestation initiative is located near a critical watershed that feeds into Nicaragua’s most important estuary, the Estero Real. The local community will reforest the region, which will not only store CO2, but also help conserve the wetlands that host unparalleled biodiversity.


The project area covers 86 square kilometers and empowers rural communities to take control of their resources.


learn more about the reforestation projekt here: https://compensaid.com/projects/trees