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Fly in exchange for shopping with mBank’s credit card

1-M- for every 6 PLN

2,000 for the first card transaction

Buy today, pay later

Credit limit of up to 100.000 PLN

Free specialist assistance as part of the concierge service

Convenient phone payments with Google Pay or Apple Pay

Welcome aboard – While doing everyday shopping with the use of a card you collect award miles and extend the validity of your mileage. You only need to make one payment per month to protect your miles from expiring.
With each payment with the use of a Miles & More credit card, you get closer to your dream destination.

It works like this


Order your mBank credit card online or call mLinia: +48 801 300 800.


Use your mBank credit card while shopping and pay for them whenever you wish. Up to 54 days without interest.


Pay for your purchase with the convenient phone payments from Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Terms and conditions

  • Fee for issuing the main card – PLN 100.
  • Annual fee charged after each year of using the card – PLN 200.
  • Annual percentage rate: 10.87%.
  • More information about mBank’s Miles & More credit card.
  • Cost of the loan: A representative example for a “consumer loan” product – credit card, pursuant to Article 8 of the Consumer Loan Act: Annual percentage rate (APR) is 10.87%, total amount of loan (net of costs to be paid from the loan) is PLN 10,700.00, total amount repayable is PLN 12,958.52, nominal variable interest rate is 10% per annum, total cost of loan is PLN 958.52 (including a card issuance fee of PLN 30 and interest of PLN 928.52), the agreement term is 12 months. Calculation as at 2.10.2019.
  • This is not an offer.  You will be able to take out a loan if your creditworthiness is assessed positively.
  • Detailed conditions and fees connected with the credit card are specified in the Tariff of Banking Fees and Commissions for Natural Persons in the Retail Banking of mBank S.A., Rules of Credit Cards for Natural Persons and Private Banking Clients in the Retail Banking of mBank S.A., and Rules of mBank’s Miles & More Credit Cards Programme, available at www.mBank.pl.
  • Welcome miles awarded to the holders of Miles & More cards are granted only once regardless of the number of cards held and are not awarded again if another card, replacement of a cancelled card, a duplicate card or a renewed card is issued. Miles can be earned for cashless transactions, with the exception of mTransfer and transfers from the credit card account. The package of welcome miles can be earned for the first payment by credit card made within the first three months from the date of its issuance. A programme participant can earn in total not more than 5,000 miles for transactions executed with the Miles & More card and not more than 10,000 miles for transactions executed with the Miles & More Premium card within one calendar month.
  • Explanations of terms pertaining to representative services linked to payment accounts referred to in this material can be found at www.mBank.pl/slowniczek.
  • With mBank Miles & More credit card your miles will not expire. You need to have your card at least 3 months and do shopping at least once per month.

With great regret, we need to inform you that on September 30th, 2021 cooperation between mBank, LOT and Miles & More programme will be finished. This means that from October 1st, 2021 earning award miles with Miles & More mBank credit cards will be no longer possible.

Despite this change, LOT and Miles & More have decided to extend your mileage protection starting 01.10.2021 until 30.09.2022 (this does not apply to status members – Frequent Travellers, Senators and HON Circle Members, whose miles do not expire as long as status is valid).

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