Download the app, login for the first time and secure 500 miles

The benefits of downloading are now two-fold: Because when you download the app, you will be credited 500 award miles the first time you log in.*

The Miles & More app is ready for you to download now. You can expect information and offers specially tailored to meet your needs, as well as other new functions. It all makes earning and redeeming miles easier, and in the future you'll always have your daily programme assistant on hand, wherever you are.

Local offers and promotions

No matter whether you’re in town or at the airport: now you can also enjoy exclusive offers and promotions in your immediate neighbourhood. Allow access to mobile data in the app’s system settings and you will be informed of special offers and where and how you can benefit with local partners, including by push notification. This offer is currently only available to users in Germany.

Retroactive mileage credit in the app

With the new function, you can now also process a retroactive mileage credit for your flights directly in the app - it’s quick and easy. Stop your miles from getting away and get them credited up to six months after your flight.

Together we get there faster, together we can go further

Use the new “mileage pooling” function and invite your family and friends to earn miles with you! Your benefit: More miles means more redemption opportunities - for flights, travel, hotels and rental cars or the latest travel bag from the Lufthansa WorldShop. This function is available in the Miles & More app.

The mileage calculator in the Miles & More app

Use the mileage calculator in the Miles & More app now and find out how many award and status miles have been credited to you for your flight. Or simply find out how many miles you can redeem for your next flight or upgrade. The function is available with all its features for both iOS and Android. Please note that after 12 March 2018 a valid calculation of award miles will only be possible using the mileage calculator in the app.

Your quick introduction to Miles & More

Register with Miles & More quickly and easily in the app and get your service card number immediately. You can use this number immediately to log into the app and enter it when making bookings and purchases to earn valuable miles.

Keep your eye on your status target at all times

First things first: In the app, you can always see at a glance how many award and status miles you have earned and when your miles will expire. The graphic display also lets you instantly identify how close you are to reaching the next highest status level.

Your digital service card

Your Miles & More service card is also available digitally in the app. With it, you can earn and redeem miles with selected partners as well as in the Lufthansa WorldShop. In addition, you can use your digital service card to check in at all Lufthansa check-in machines worldwide, and status customers can also use it to access the Lufthansa lounges.

Your personal reward

Choose your award target yourself: You choose the award from the world of Miles & More that you want to reach next using your miles – and the app will show you up-to-date information about how far you are from reaching your goal, at any time. The app also gives you tips on how to achieve the awards you want as quickly as possible.

Know what’s important

The app has news about Miles & More and our partners for you on a daily basis. With information that is specifically tailored to you, e. g. about local offers; only ever receive information that is actually important to you.

* 500 award miles will be credited to members who download and log into the Miles & More app for iOS or Android for the first time. Excluded are participants who have already logged in to the app.