1. Name of the responsible authority

Miles & More GmbH

2. Managing director

Roland Adrian
Harald Deprosse

3. Head of data processing

Ralf Gernhold, FRA MP/I (IT)

4. Address of the responsible authority

Miles & More GmbH
Unterschweinstiege 8
60549 Frankfurt am Main

5. The intended purpose of the collection, processing and use of data

The purpose of the company is the development of a multi-partner programme with the aim of promoting customer loyalty and the presentation of relevant and personal-ised communication content.

The collection, processing and use of data are carried out for the reasons given above. The processing of personal data focuses on the following areas:

  • The operation of the Miles & More customer loyalty programme
  • Processing of Miles & More members’ data
  • Staff
  • Suppliers and business partners (particularly joint operators and Miles & More partner companies)

6. Description of the group of persons concerned and the related data or data categories

Members’ data, employee data and suppliers’ data, insofar as these are required to comply with the purposes named in para. 5

7. Recipients or categories of recipients with whom the data can be shared

  • Joint operators and Miles & More partner companies in the context of the operation of Miles & More
  • Airline companies in the Lufthansa Group
  • Contractors within the meaning of § 11 of the BDSG
  • Public bodies where overriding legal requirements exist

8. Time limits for the deletion of data

The corresponding data is routinely deleted after the expiry of storage periods and obligations imposed by the legislature or by supervisory authorities. Where data is not affected by such statutory provisions, it is deleted as soon as the purposes defined in para. 5 above no longer apply.

9. Planned transfer of data to third countries

For the processing of operations in the context of the purpose of the business, data will be transferred to business partners and suppliers in various countries in compliance with the applicable regulations arising from data protection law.

10. Security measures

Due to the care taken over the awarding of contracts and to the appropriate quality standards and the training given to its employees, Miles & More GmbH ensures that safeguards are guaranteed in compliance with § 9 of the BDSG.

Miles & More GmbH – Data protection officer