Additional recognition for long-term status customers

A very special innovation awaits Miles & More members who have held their status for many years: the awarding of status stars.

In future these stars will enhance the Miles & More service cards and bag tags belonging to Frequent Travellers, Senators and HON Circle Members.

They work like this:
The number of stars awarded is based on the number of days for which you were or have been (and still are) a status customer with Miles & More. Frequent Travellers will receive one point for each day they have held their status, Senators receive two points per day and HON Circle Members receive three points per day.

Once 5,000 points are reached, you will be awarded one star, from 10,000 points two stars, from 15,000 points three stars and so on. You can receive up to a maximum of 5 stars in total. Incidentally, these stars will also be displayed in your personal online status lounge.

If an additional star is awarded during the status term, the status cardholder will receive this with their next status renewal. Even if a Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle Member changes their status, the stars will remain visible on their Miles & More service card. The blue Miles & More service card will not receive any stars. The stars do not expire and will be shown again once a status is re-attained.