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Zimmerli x SWISS – new collaboration from April 2024

Zimmerli × SWISS – a collaboration for even higher comfort in SWISS First.

Clothes and accessoires of the brand Zimmerli

In partnership with the renowned Swiss luxury fashion brand Zimmerli of Switzerland, we will be gradually introducing new pyjamas and amenity kits to our SWISS First. Starting in April 2024, these changes will be the first of many to enhance the in-flight comfort for our guests on board all classes. ​

A strong partnership with new exclusivities ​

As our trusted partner of the current SWISS First pyjamas, we are happy to introduce our SWISS First guests to an even broader range of products. This includes, next to a new pyjama collection, co-branded amenity kits and a tote bag exclusively designed for SWISS First. ​

Finest pyjamas with sleeve choice and new amenity kit designs 

The new collection of the renowned Zimmerli pyjamas – made from certified cotton – comes with a choice between a long-sleeved shirt in midnight blue and a short-sleeved shirt in the two alternating colours bordeaux and chocolate.​

The newly introduced Zimmerli × SWISS amenity kit comes in four designs and colours – rotating throughout the year – which all reflect craftsmanship, shaped by tradition and exclusivity. The diverse designs further turn the amenity kits into collectibles for our guests travelling in SWISS First. The kits will also include a wide selection of products from high-end Swiss brands, such as Rohner or VIU, as to ensure the comprehensive wellbeing of our guests. By focusing even more on high-quality and durable materials, the products are specifically designed to be reused even after the flight – guests are thus encouraged to take their new belongings with them.​

More upgrades planned throughout the year 2024 ​

The extended partnership with Zimmerli in SWISS First marks just the first of various in-flight product changes planned for all classes throughout the year 2024 – our guests can thus look forward to several upgrades to follow.