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VALSER × SWISS: taste the depths of the Swiss alps at new heights.

Hand opening water bottle on an airplane

Together with VALSER, we are proud to offer our guests alpine mineral water from the springs of Vals. On long-haul flights, guests can choose between VALSER Still or VALSER Sparkling. On short-haul flights, we offer our SWISS Economy guests VALSER Still, while SWISS Business guests can choose between still or sparkling mineral water.​

For a perfectly balanced meal or a flawless wine pairing, enjoy VALSER Still. This light, non-carbonated water, known for its particularly mild taste, comes from the St. Paul's spring, nestled high in the Swiss Alps – one of Switzerland’s most elevated sources. VALSER Sparkling, sourced from the St. Peter's spring located in the heart of the Vals valley, is naturally rich in essential calcium and magnesium – helping you stay refreshed and well-hydrated throughout your entire journey.