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Application for “Here’s to a new start”

Miles & More is making your wish come true - just a little later than originally planned

Being out and about, having adventures, feeling goosebumps, celebrating special moments and simply being together without a care - these are all the things we’ve missed out on lately. 


Are there any wishes you haven’t been able to fulfil or plans you’ve reluctantly had to cancel? Tell us your story, because postponing is not the same as cancelling. Miles & More is offering you the chance to make your wish come true - just a little later than originally planned. 


Apply here or submit an application for someone else who deserves it. We can’t wait to see it. The chosen wish will be filmed being fulfilled.

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The minimum age for registering with the Miles & More programme is two years.


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Would you like to catch up on making your wish come true or surprise someone else?

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1. Flying and travelling


A long-awaited trip, a city break in a dream hotel or a trip to the coast in a rental car.


2. Leisure and shopping


Immerse yourself in culture, go on an exclusive shopping spree - simply experience something special again.


3. Events and celebrations


A wedding or a milestone birthday. Any excuse for a belated celebration.


4. Sports


Cheering in the stadium, meeting role models in person or feeling your heart pick up the pace in a sports car.


5. Social commitment


Supporting people, saving nature, doing something good for the world and your fellow human beings, and working towards a better community.

Select a category for your wish.

Please describe the wish you or someone else (stating their name) missed out on, and tell us your compelling story.

Terms and conditions of participation

By participating, you accept our terms and conditions of participation for the “Here’s to a new start” promotion.

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