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Petra and her son Mika’s trip to Ghana

The time had finally come for Petra and her son Mika from Dettenheim near Karlsruhe to make their wish come true with Miles & More and fly to Ghana.



After completing her studies, training and work, Petra was looking for a fresh start. Her plans to do a work placement in a social facility in India had to be cancelled at the last minute when travel restrictions made it impossible for her to go.


Yet still she wanted to share her knowledge and help young people plan their future - and her son Mika wanted to accompany her.



This made it all the more special when it was time for Petra and Mika to say here’s to a new start - a dream come true for both of them.



They spent several weeks supporting a social project sponsored by help alliance in the Cin Gaban Nima Community Centre in Ghana. The project offers shelter and a brighter future to children and young people in Nima, one of Accra’s poorest districts. Petra and Mika spent their time at the centre doing things like developing business plans with the youngsters, helping set up a library, playing lots of football, and of course getting to know the country and its people.


After a relaxing trip to Ghana, the pair gained real and valuable insights into the country - all thanks to the Miles & More partners help alliance, the Aminu Initiative and Brussels Airlines.

Wishes that have already come true

The Isler family’s Icelandic trip

The Isler family from Switzerland travelled to Iceland to explore the homeland of Vinur, their beloved Icelandic pony. Vinur proved to be an important source of strength for the family during a fateful period, which resulted in them missing out on their planned trip to Iceland in 2020.


The family were able to share quality moments together in Iceland’s beautiful nature and enjoyed their time horseback riding.

Charlotte and her mother Christine’s New York trip

Charlotte and her mother Christine also had to make up for lost time, because after Charlotte’s final exams were affected by Covid-19 restrictions, they had to cancel their long-planned trip, and then the catastrophic floods in Germany destroyed their home.


But their biggest wish still came true, thanks to Miles & More: the two of them were able to experience New York together.