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Combine flying with sustainable action

mindfulflyer - reconciling flying with sustainable action.

Offset your flights and combine flying with sustainable action. Offset your flight-based CO2 footprint with your award miles and support projects that protect the climate. It's really easy to help the planet like this in our app.1 You will be awarded digital badges as a thank-you for your action. You can share them on social media to motivate others to join in. Become a mindfulflyer!

Offset CO2 with the app


Open “mindfulflyer” in our app under “My Challenge”.


Your flight-based CO2 emissions will be calculated automatically and recorded clearly.


Click “Offset flights”, and select how and which flights you wish to offset.


If you don't have enough award miles, you can combine money and miles with Cash & Miles. 

You can offset a flight from Frankfurt am Main to New York in Economy Class with as few as 1,150 award miles.

Your offsetting options

You have two options for offsetting your CO2 emissions: promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and a climate project portfolio.

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) 
SAF is obtained from biomass. The aim is to use it to replace fossil-based jet fuel entirely in the future. Using SAF generates 80% fewer CO2 emissions than conventional kerosene. 
You can fly more sustainably right away and invest in research into CO2-neutral fuels. 

A portfolio of selected projects in collaboration with myclimate

The high-quality projects from myclimate promote measurable climate protection and greater sustainability worldwide. Current studies have shown that the projects we select support the most effective methods for combating climate change. 

Your reward: digital badges

2203 mindfulflyer badge screen on smartphone

You will receive digital badges for your offsetting efforts which you can share on social media to motivate others to join in.


You will receive the Climate Supporter badge when you offset a flight for the first time.


You will be awarded our mindfulflyer badge when you have successfully offset all your flights in one year.


This feature is only available in the latest version of the Miles & More app. You may need to update your version of the app.