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Looking back at the ‘Donate Miles’ fundraising campaign 2020 for help alliance

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3,861,000 award miles, 624 donors, 4 essential areas for disadvantaged children and families: Thanks to the ‘Donate Miles’ campaign in December 2020, the Lufthansa Group’s charitable organisation, help alliance, has been able to support numerous projects. This would not have been possible without you, the Miles & More members. That’s why we would like to say thank you and show you what the miles you donated have achieved.

Man giving food to children waiting in a row

Your miles for "Nutrition"

Every human being has the right to have access to food. But unfortunately, even today children around the whole world go hungry. With the miles donated in the field of nutrition,  help alliance  was, for example, able to finance 8,980 healthy, balanced meals. Many of these were provided as food parcels for children in Ghana and India or offered as part of cooking lessons for street children in Thailand.

Man giving food to children waiting in a row

Your miles for "Education"

In this field, sufficient miles were donated to provide a total of 160 months of educational programmes for children. One example was the project "Discovering potential in learning holidays" (which took place mainly in Mainz and Hamburg), in which a number of children with a migrant background and children from socially disadvantaged families were able to learn skills for the future, such as self-confidence, perseverance, consideration, the ability to work in a team, and planning and implementation skills, in a special educational programme and thus prepare better for school.

Your miles for "Play and fun"

The happy laughter of a child is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Thanks to the miles donated in this area of life, there’s sure to be plenty of laughter in the future.  83 different play facilities  have been acquired, including for the aforementioned project "Discovering potential in learning holidays". In addition, mileage donations were used for excursions to Hamburg’s Kletterwald and for mini golf in Mainz. Activities that many children are unable to enjoy with their families due to poverty.

Your miles for "Health"

Health is the greatest good. Maybe that’s why an unbelievable number of miles were donated in this field, with the result that, for example, in Togo it was possible to provide basic health care to 102 families  as part of the "Bilingual education with prospects for young people" project: soap, hand sanitiser and face masks to protect against Covid-19. What many people take for granted is a real opportunity for a healthy life for the families supported. Furthermore, some of the project’s participants were empowered to conduct independent hygiene training and awareness campaigns at schools in the surrounding area and to produce soap themselves.  In this way, the hygiene standards in the region could also be improved in the long term.

So you can see that the miles donated have already achieved a great deal - and will continue to do so for a long time to come. In addition to the ‘Donate Miles’ campaign 2020, the miles donated in 2019 have contributed significantly to helping disadvantaged people worldwide. In addition to major fundraising events, from 3,000 miles you can support help alliance all year round with a free donation, or a donation to a specific cause. Thank you for your support.