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Expert interview: the special feature of event awards

racing helmet on car wheels

You have been creating unforgettable memories with our event awards since May 2021. Miles & More opens the doors to exceptional and exclusive events just for you that money can’t buy: only your miles make it possible for you to participate in these special events.

We spoke to our event awards expert, Cornelia Sippel, who explained to us the special features of this Miles & More programme.

Cornelia Sippel

Miles & More editor: Cornelia Sippel, what is special about these event awards?


Cornelia Sippel: We make Miles & More members’ dreams come true. Nothing less than that. You know we rush around from A to B, working and performing throughout the day. With this programme we wish to create a break from all that and put our members centre stage. We want to help you realise your wishes, wishes that you simply can’t buy in a shop or online. But only with miles.

Cornelia Sippel

Miles & More editor: That sounds exciting. What precisely makes these events so exclusive?


Cornelia Sippel: Have you ever attended a catwalk show during London Fashion Week or had a Meet & Greet with your favourite artist after a concert? It’s precisely moments like these that we aim to create for our Miles & More members. These are “once-in-a-lifetime opportunities” that you will talk about for a very long time. Above all because you simply can’t buy them anywhere. One good example of this is the exclusive private dance course in Vienna. Here you can prepare yourself for the 2022 ball season and learn the various forms of the waltz from Viennese dance professionals. The special thing about the dance school is that it is actually where the debutants and actors of the Vienna Opera Ball are trained. A good omen therefore. But this is just one event among many. Take a closer look on our Miles & More website under the tab "Events". A new event is added every month.

Miles & More editor: Can you perhaps explain to us once more how to take part in these events?


Cornelia Sippel: It’s very simple. You find your dream event on our event award page and complete a booking form to make a binding request for the event. Your booking request will be checked against the limited availability and after a few days you will receive a separate email with the booking confirmation with all the information. It is important to note that you can only redeem each event award with award miles.

Miles & More editor: That sounds like a quick and simple process. Can you also book several tickets at once in one booking or only one ticket per person?


Cornelia Sippel: You can always book up to four tickets - and even more on request if necessary. When you travel a lot, you are often away from home for a long time. That’s why it would be a great shame if your loved ones couldn’t join you for these incredible experiences. Ultimately it’s about creating shared experiences - and all this under safe hygiene conditions, of course. That is very important to us.

Miles & More editor: That’s good to know. Which event can you recommend to us that’s coming up in the near future?


Cornelia Sippel: Where shall I begin? You can book one of our event highlights this August right away. Experience speed and adrenaline with racing legend Arno Zensen at the DTM German Touring Car Masters. You’ll be welcomed by Arno Zensen in person and then receive an exciting introduction to the DTM event. You will also have a guided tour around the pit lane and stop in the drivers’ paddock. You then attend the thrilling DTM races at the Nürburgring live. You can also look forward to a conversation about the races in a small group of like-minded people including food and drinks. An all-round carefree package. We always have a variety of exciting events – simply take a look at our event awards summary.

Miles & More editor: We are big fans already! Thank you, Cornelia Sippel.