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Time travel: the evolution of sportswear

Sportkleidung 3 Editorial 2107

Nowadays we know where our members can find high-quality training outfits that are robust, offer optimum wicking properties, are exceptionally comfortable to wear and also look great. But what was it like before, in the 19th century? We’ll take a look at the clothing that underpins your sporting performance - and travel through time. Every product available from the Lufthansa WorldShop or our Miles & More Online Shopping partners today is the result of many years of development and innovation.

Sportkleidung Editorial 2107

The gymnastics movement in the 19th century

The Ancient Greeks competed in the Olympic Games naked, but in the 19th century it was the gymnastics movement that laid the foundations for sporting apparel, such as sports jerseys. At first, everyone still exercised in clothes made from linen.

Sportkleidung Editorial 2107

The beginnings of team sports

There then followed the introduction of cotton shirts - which we would now consider uncomfortable and much too warm for sports. With the emergence of mass sports such as football, a new concept was born: the players would have to be visually distinguishable from one another. And so shirts were dyed and supplied with the players’ number and club insignia.

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Revolution in the textile industry

Sportswear was revolutionised between the 1930s and 1960s with the development of synthetic fibres such as polyester, nylon and elastane - the origin of training and competition outfits as we know them today. Do you remember the stretchy, close-fitting jerseys of the 1970s? Back then, there was definitely room for improvement there in terms of comfort. Since then sportswear has been continuously improved and textile research has been carried out to analyse the properties of different materials.

Sportkleidung 2 Editorial 2107

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