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Slow Travel – The trend of mindful travel

ocean view

Slow Travel is all about a conscious approach to experiencing the here and now. This trend is the antithesis to mass tourism. So you don’t want pre-planned package tours that don’t let you relax? Would you rather go to secluded places where you can breathe deeply at last and where the change of scenery becomes a real change of perspective? Then this kind of travel is just the thing for you. You can read here how you can also earn miles with this trend.

Slow travel means not rushing from place to place or from one must-see to the next. You should take time to relax and not plan the whole trip in advance. Decide on the spur of the moment whether you want to stay there another day. Flexibility is the most important thing with slow travel.

The island of Brac in Croatia is the perfect destination for relaxed travel. You can explore everything here: travel along beautiful gravel tracks through the vineyards, forests and olive groves, or through ancient villages and beautiful beaches. “The journey is the destination” is the motto of slow travel. And what better way to live this motto than on a road trip? Holidaying in a camper van is becoming increasingly popular because you can set the pace yourself. Drive wherever you want and experience freedomnature and adventure with CamperDays.de. This way you’ll see more of the island’s beautiful landscape and get a better feel for your holiday destination. Decide for yourself when and how long you want to stay in one place. You can get the right equipment for your trip at Doorout.com, the expert supplier for everything to do with camping and the outdoors. The selection ranges from tents of all kinds, outdoor clothing, hiking boots and travel accessories to cycling and climbing equipment.

And you’ll need it all too, because the handiest thing about travelling in a camper is that you can even take bicycles with you. Explore the area and enjoy the landscape with bicycles from ROSE Bikes. Whether it’s a nature park, a limestone terrain or a surfing spot: consciously take in your surroundings and appreciate the moment as you go. 

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bungalow at the ocean

You can move on whenever you please with your camper. Because a package tour with a run-of-the-mill hotel and reserved pool loungers is out of the question for you as a slow traveller, look for individual holiday homes or apartments. You’ll have more privacy there and can sleep in without missing breakfast. On booking.com, you’ll find accommodation at Boutique Camping Bunja in Supetar, for example. It is a minute’s walk from the beach and even has a children’s playground. If you want something a little more luxurious, you can rent the Agapao Villas. You’re also only a minute away from the beach here, but can enjoy 5-star luxury with a whirlpool.

bungalow at the ocean