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Become more aware during your daily routine

woman relaxing in a plane

You’re sure to be familiar with this situation if you fly a lot on business: you take a taxi from the office to the airport, laptop on your knees and your smartphone attached to your ear. You check in, write emails at the gate and grab a quick coffee. You deal with several different things at once and more on top. You act on autopilot and are unaware of your actions; your stress levels rise. You only take a breath once you’re in the aircraft.



Why mindfulness?

Being mindful of yourself helps you to relax and sleep better and cope with your daily routine more calmly. Studies have shown that mindfulness exercises affect around eight different regions of the brain and strengthen your resilience to stress. Your brain works more intensively and you can concentrate more on the matter in hand.

Practising mindfulness

Learn how to listen to your needs once more. Instead of opening your laptop in the plane, use the time wisely and pick up a book in which to write down your thoughts: "Ein guter Plan 2022 [A good plan 2022]" from Hugendubel will help you to ask yourself the right questions. What makes you happy? What are your needs? How can you look after yourself better? "Ein guter Plan" has been Germany’s most popular and comprehensive diary for greater mindfulness and self-love since 2015. Why not try it?

Gaining clarity

If you simply want to lean back and do nothing on your flight, listen to "The Mindful Sessions" by Sarah Desei on Deezer . This podcast deals with mindfulness and soul-power. The specific coaching tipsmeditations and expert interviews will help you to see yourself in a new light and develop your full potential.

woman with eyes closed

Attaining peace

mindful life will have a positive effect not only on your psyche, but also on your body. Consciously breathing deeply in and out from your stomach, once you’ve arrived in your hotel room, will help to get rid of the minor or major tensions from sitting in the aircraft. This will have a calming effect and allow your inner peace to return. You can also use the MG 180 Massage Gun muscle massager from Beurer on your trigger points. The six attachments are designed for different parts of the body when you experience muscle tension, pain and fatigue. You will find this and further products from the health category in the Lufthansa WorldShop.

woman with eyes closed

Look after yourself and enjoy the stress-free moments of your life.