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With entertainment on the road you can sit back and relax

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In our hectic daily lives, we often have one wish: to have more time for ourselves and shut everything else out. With our Online Shopping partners such as Audible, Disney+ and WELTplus you can do just that while on the road – on the way to work, while travelling and in your hotel. We’ll show you how you can sit back with audio books, films and more, and relax and earn miles at the same time.

Relax on your way to work

How do you get to work and how long does it take you from departure to arrival? No matter how you get there, whether it’s on public transport, in your own car, or a rental car – you can use the time for your own benefit. For a short drive, a medium-length trip or even a longer commute, audios are a good choice. Music, podcasts and audio books are available in a wide range of genres – for example at our Online Shopping partners Audible and Deezer.

Time to read

Relaxing in the train or in the car as a passenger? Use the time for your own benefit with other entertainment options. For example, take out an annual subscription for the digital edition of the F.A.Z and get yourself 30,000 award miles. Or benefit from the digital offers from our Online Shopping partners BILDplus and WELTplus. In this way, you can read wherever you are in the world.

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Entertainment on flights

Are you planning a business trip where you will be travelling for some time? Then why not take a look at the programme offered by our Online Shopping partners such as Sky Ticket, Disney+ and DAZN? Enjoy sporting events, films and series – for example while waiting for departure, during your flight, or in your hotel room after work. Switch off and treat yourself to a relaxing moment.

man looking at an iphone