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April showers bring May flowers

women on rollerblades

Fitness apps, indoor bikes and living room yoga: we’ve been exercising within our own four walls for long enough. Now it’s finally time for us to get outside and enjoy the good weather. Because you feel calmer and happier out in the fresh air. There’s a simple reason for this: when you exercise outside in nature, your body produces higher levels of the hormone serotonin. This is a natural anti-depressant and puts you in a good mood. So that’s how easy it is to do something good for your body – simply open the door and go outdoors with friends or family. We’ll show you the latest outdoor trends, and you can even earn miles as well.

Volleyball with a difference

There are new kinds of sports, such as spikeball, where you can meet people, enjoy the fresh air and build up your muscles. This trendy sport with a guaranteed fun factor is played with a total of four players. The goal is to smash the ball, which is about the size of a grapefruit, into the middle of a mini trampoline. It’s a little bit like volleyball, but instead of hitting the ball over a net, you have to hit it into the trampoline. There is no fixed playing field, so that means you can play spikeball in the park or on the beach. You can find the full set of equipment at our online shopping partner Otto.

Rolling along

If rhythm-based movement is more your style, you can give Roller Dance a try – dancing on roller skates is the latest fashion. The basic dance moves were developed back in the 1970s and are still used today, dancing freeestyle to music. To look the part when you practice such a stylish sport, then of course you need the perfect outfit, and one place you can find it is at the sustainable brand Lululemon . Roller skating raises the spirits and satisfies your urge to keep on the move – and is now more popular than it has been for decades. At Sportscheck you can find lots of different models, and one place you can put them to the test is at the popular Skate Nights .


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women jogging

Outdoor classics

We are all familiar with the classic rule of thumb: walk 10,000 steps every day to stay healthy. Well, that is what the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends anyway. That’s because exercise in the form of walking has many positive effects. If you spend at least 30 minutes a day outside in the fresh air you will strengthen your immune system and will be less likely to fall ill. Unfortunately, many people lead stressful daily lives nowadays and are unable to get out into the fresh air very often, let alone on a regular basis. Sports watches and fitness trackers can be your little helpers here, and you can find them in the Lufthansa WorldShop: they remind you to get up, or they can display the distance you have covered. If going for a walk isn’t quite enough for you, there is another classic outdoor sports discipline. Endurance training with the Schildkröt Springseil Speed Rope Pro, for example. It is highly effective and even short sessions are very productive and intensive. Or relax and roller skate through your home town with lots of other people during the Skate Nights on the first Tuesday of every month. And with the CYBEX ZENO Seat Pack Buggy from the Lufthansa WorldShop, you can even take your little ones along with you.

women jogging

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