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Fit throughout the summer: get out and run

Editorial Running man

Everything feels easier when the summer arrives: lighter clothing and plenty of energy. And anyway, aren’t you looking for a break after a long day at work? Then get out and run! And so that you can start straight away and enjoy the benefits of exercise, you’ll find the ideal accessories in the Lufthansa WorldShop, such as sports watches for motivation and to measure your training success. Meanwhile, our Online Shopping partners offer the perfect clothing for your sporting endeavours – stylish and functional. Earning miles along the way.

Get yourself motivated

Exercise feels good and does you good. We all know that. And the feeling we have after sports is quite unique: we feel worn out but at the same time proud of ourselves. But maybe you find it hard to find the get-up-and-go to exercise during the dark winter months and even in the cold and wet of springtime? But that time is over. The summer is here with long days and mild, warm temperatures making it easier to integrate running into your day.


Be motivated:


  • by a new running outfit
  • by a running partner
  • by energetic music

Start running and let yourself go

Good weather raises the spirits. The perfect time to lace up your running shoes. Run to clear your mind, enjoy the beauty of nature and leave the stress of the day far behind you. It won’t take long for you to notice how relaxed you feel and how your head is open to new ideas. The effort is worth it.

Enjoy sports in style

But to feel good running, you need more than just the right mood. Because you’ll only truly enjoy your run when you have the perfect shoes and the right sportswear. Sports retailers like our Online Shopping partners Intersport, SportScheck and Odlo are on the ball when it comes to the requirements and demands of sports. As you will know already, running gear has to be stylish as well as functional. Choose from a wide range of running products and earn yourself some miles in the process.

Editorial Jogging Couple

Run with someone else

Meeting up with a running partner keeps you motivated to go out running. Arrange a fixed time with a running partner and master the challenge together. You can spend time together and keep fit. You are bound to notice how much easier it is to establish a routine and will feel increasingly better.

Editorial Jogging Couple

Music to your ears

Do you prefer to run by yourself? Let the right music spur you on - for example with wireless in-ear headphones from Bose. And if you want to keep an eye on your performance, GPS sports watches are just the right thing - like the Garmin VENU™ GPS Fitness Smartwatch. You can now find both at Lufthansa WorldShop.


We hope you have lots of fun running and earning miles.

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