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Save the environment and earn miles

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Environmental pollution is a global problem. All the more important that electronics, clothing and the like do not end up in the landfills of this world, despite the fact that they still work and look good. Let us show you some Online Shopping partners for earning miles and where you can buy or sell used items.

Sustainability in your wardrobe

A white, long-sleeved shirt generates CO2emissions of around 11 kilos in the course of its product life cycle, 50 times its own weight. It becomes a real problem when an item of clothing in good condition is thrown away, be it because you don’t like it or because it no longer fits. A good alternative to throwing clothes away is, as everyone already knows, donating them to charity. But if you just happen to be looking for something new for your wardrobe, you can also make a positive contribution to the environment by buying second hand. And you can find a lot more than just the white shirt. Offbeat or classic designer fashion, for example. You are sure to find something at our Online Shopping partner Vestiaire Collective: here, you earn miles on your purchases and you can also post clothing and accessories for sale yourself.

Giving electronics a second chance

387 kilos of CO2 – these are the average emissions produced by a notebook from the manufacturing process to its final shut-down. Electronic equipment is also all too often thrown away before its time. But it’s not necessary to always have the latest top-of-the-range model. Thanks to "refurbishing" – professional reconditioning – the purchase of used electronics is also worthwhile. It involves the maintenance of processor performance, battery life, etc., and the device is up and running once more. At our Online Shopping partner reBuy, you’ll find "new" second-hand goods at low prices; you can buy without risk, sell electronics at fixed purchase prices, and earn miles.

A new home for your media

Have you played the "new" game for your console ad infinitum and read the books on your shelf three times already? Instead of letting them gather dust or disposing of them due to lack of space, it’s easy to find a new home for your media. With our Online Shopping partner momox, you can also boost your mileage account in the process. Here, you can sell or buy used books, films, CDs and games at a fixed price right away. Someone else will be really pleased - and the environment even more so.

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