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Discover new worlds and earn miles at the same time

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Is there anything more satisfying than immersing yourself in another world? There are now many more options than simply reading. In addition to the classic book or newspaper, there are now audiobooks, eBooks and online newspapers. And we have them all! Best of all: they come hand in hand with bags of miles. Reading pleasure and miles - a dream duo!

These days, reading can be easily adapted to the reality of every reader's life - enjoy your reading material on your tablet, smartphone, computer, eBook reader or in paper format, anywhere and anytime. Or be read to while you are exercising or on the move.

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Stay well-informed with authentic top-quality journalism

Get DIE WELT delivered to your home - quite literally. In combination with WELT AM SONNTAG, a six-month subscription, for example, gives you a minimum of 26,000 miles on your account. Are you more a F.A.Z. fan or a Süddeutsche reader? Or would you prefer a trial subscription for 3 months to start with? Here you can find at a glance all the newspaper offers that any reader’s heart could possibly desire.


You’ll also find media, including newspapers and eMagazines, as far as the eye can reach, in the Miles & More media shop powered by CONNECTARE.

man reading the newspaper sitting on a chair

Fiction vs. non-fiction - escapism or education?

It doesn’t matter whether your reading takes you to Middle Earth or Central America - the best entertainment is guaranteed. An unbelievable selection of books, eBooks and audiobooks awaits at these Miles & More partners and online shopping partners:


  • All your favourite books at bol.de: bestsellers, classics, new publications…
  • Boundless reading and hearing pleasure at Nextory: you earn 1,000 miles for the first free trial month1
  • Crime, biographies and text books: whatever you want to read, you’ll find it at Thalia

For taking out a trial subscription, you earn 1,000 miles.

  1. Only for new customers
  2. Membership may be terminated at any time without having to give notice
  3. Your contract can be terminated monthly online at the end of a contract month
  4. A user account giving personal data is required
  5. Participation is only possible once per user and service card number
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